Uruguay achieves the ‘Bombonerazo’ and ends with the champion undefeated

Buenos Aires 11/17/2023 at 03:48 CET La Celeste Achieves a Historic Double in a ⁣Row Uruguay ‍Leads with ⁣12 of 15 Possible Points, Argentina Follows with 10 The Uruguayan team, led by Marcelo‌ Bielsa, secured a convincing⁣ victory on Thursday at the La Bombonera stadium, defeating Argentina 2-0. This loss ended Argentina’s undefeated record in […]

Messi takes home his eighth Ballon d’Or

David Beckham Congratulates Ballon⁤ d’Or Winner During the ceremony, renowned British player and world football⁣ legend, David​ Beckham, took​ the opportunity to extend his congratulations to the winner and express his wishes for a joyous celebration with his family. Emotional Moment with the Argentinean’s Children As ⁣the event drew to a close, the⁣ Argentinean’s children […]

Inter Miami crashes without Messi against Atlanta

The Angels 17/09/2023 – 01:38 CEST This Defeat Complicates Inter Miami’s Comeback in Search of the Playoff Inter Miami Now Has 28 Points After 27⁢ Games Inter Miami, without Lionel Messi in Jordi​ Alba, lost this Saturday against Atlanta United 5-2, which represents the first defeat for the Florida ​team since the Argentine star arrived. […]

The radical decision that MLS would take to retain Lionel Messi

MLS Considering Interruption of Competition During FIFA Dates, Says Gerardo‍ ‘Tata’ Martino The Argentinian coach of Inter Miami, Gerardo ‘Tata’ Martino, expressed⁣ on⁣ Tuesday that he believes it is “probable” for the MLS to decide to interrupt the competition during FIFA dates starting from⁣ 2024.⁢ This measure aims to prevent stars like Lionel Messi‍ from […]

The surprising records of Lionel Messi in football

Lionel Messi: Breaking Personal Records in Football Below, we delve into ‍some of the remarkable personal records that⁤ Lionel Messi has shattered throughout‍ his illustrious football‍ career,⁢ solidifying his status as one of the greatest footballers of all time: 1. Player with⁤ the‌ Most Titles in History ​(44) Lionel ‍Messi holds⁤ an astonishing⁢ record of […]

Lionel Messi would be close to playing the Copa Libertadores de América

Lionel Messi’s​ Sensational Impact in the United States The⁣ Argentinian football star, Lionel Messi, has taken the United States by storm with his exceptional performances,‍ garnering praise from media outlets worldwide, particularly in‍ his home country where⁤ he is hailed as ‘the best ​on the planet’. His mesmerizing displays across various locations in the United […]

The Colombian footballer who could play with Lionel Messi at Inter Miami

An unexpected twist had the Argentine player Lionel Messi in his sporting future. After being linked with Barcelona and with the Al Hilal from Saudi Arabiathe other competitor to stay with the Argentine star, the Miami Inter he achieved his goal and was selected by the captain of the albiceleste team. Despite coming to a […]