The two faces of the Colombian players in the Libertadores final

Controversy Erupts ​as Fabra Attacks Fluminense Player In a dramatic ‌turn of events​ during stoppage time, tensions ran high as Boca ⁣Juniors’ Frank Fabra launched⁤ an attack on a Fluminense player. The incident, captured on camera, revealed Fabra delivering ⁣a slap to his opponent amidst a heated⁤ argument. A Costly Consequence Regrettably,‍ Fabra’s actions resulted […]

The award that Wilmar Roldán received from Conmebol

Colombian Referee Wilmar Roldán to⁢ Officiate Copa Libertadores Final The highly anticipated‌ final of the Copa Libertadores between Brazilian team Fluminense and Argentine side Boca ‍Juniors will be officiated by Colombian referee Wilmar Roldán. The match is ⁣scheduled to take place on November 4 at the iconic Maracaná stadium in Rio de Janeiro, as confirmed […]

What time does Juan Fernando Quintero debut with Racing in Libertadores?

Racing Club and Boca‌ Juniors Prepare⁣ for Decisive‍ Clash in Copa ⁢Libertadores Quarterfinals The highly anticipated matchup​ between Racing Club and Boca Juniors is set to ⁢take place this Wednesday, as⁢ both teams aim to secure a spot in the semifinals of the Copa Libertadores. The first leg⁤ ended⁢ in a goalless draw, intensifying the […]

Would you fill it up? The album that launched the Conmebol of the Copa Libertadores

The Prestigious Libertadores Cup: A Stage for South American ‌Football​ Stars One of the most prestigious‍ tournaments in‍ South American club football is the Libertadores Cup. Throughout its ⁣illustrious history, this tournament has witnessed the rise of numerous prominent figures ‍who later went on to conquer Europe with their exceptional skills. Young talents like ‌Sergio […]

Lionel Messi would be close to playing the Copa Libertadores de América

Lionel Messi’s​ Sensational Impact in the United States The⁣ Argentinian football star, Lionel Messi, has taken the United States by storm with his exceptional performances,‍ garnering praise from media outlets worldwide, particularly in‍ his home country where⁤ he is hailed as ‘the best ​on the planet’. His mesmerizing displays across various locations in the United […]

Messi and Inter Miami, to the Copa Libertadores?

August 16, 2023 at 23:23 CEST Claudio Tapia, President of AFA, Extends Invitation to Inter Miami for Copa Libertadores Potential Historic Participation ​of an MLS Team in the Tournament with Messi’s Arrival at⁣ Inter Miami Never before in history has a Major ‍League Soccer team participated in the prestigious Libertadores Cup. However, recent reports suggest […]