What is the curse of Indio Motilón that haunts Boca Juniors?

Boca Juniors Suffers Another Heartbreaking⁢ Loss in Copa Libertadores ⁢Final In a highly ‌anticipated match against Fluminense from Brazil, Boca Juniors faced a devastating defeat in the Copa Libertadores final, losing 2-1 to​ their opponents. This loss marks‌ the sixth time that the Argentine team has fallen short in this prestigious tournament, making them the⁣ […]

Under which flag will Russia compete in the Paris 2024 Paralympics?

Paralympic ‌Committee Partially ⁤Suspends Russia and Belarus The International Paralympic Committee ⁢(IPC) has announced‍ the partial suspension⁣ of the National Paralympic ⁣Committees (NPCs)​ of Russia and ⁣Belarus. However, an exception has been made for their ⁣athletes and support staff, who ​will be allowed to participate in individual and neutral⁣ capacities in ⁣certain events. This⁣ decision […]

Why does Ecuador start the Qualifiers with less than three points?

Controversy⁣ Surrounding Byron Castillo’s Nationality The Chilean Football Federation and the Peruvian Football Federation raised concerns in May 2022, accusing Byron Castillo of falsifying documents to​ obtain Ecuadorian nationality. They also ‌questioned his eligibility to represent Ecuador in the World ⁤Cup qualifiers held between September‍ 2021 and March 2022. CAS ⁢Verdict Impacts Ecuador’s Points After […]

Where to watch the matches of the first date of the Qualifiers?

South American Qualifiers Begin⁣ for World Cup 2026 This Thursday, September 7, the South American Qualifiers begin, in which ‍10 teams will compete for one ⁣of‌ the seven places for the World Cup in the United States, Canada, and Mexico in 2026. The Colombian National Team, known as the ‘Tricolor,’ is eager to return to […]

The millionaire that Luis Rubiales would lose due to the suspension of the position

The Financial Impact of Luis Rubiales’ Departure from⁢ the Royal Spanish Football Federation The resignation of Luis Rubiales as president of‌ the Royal Spanish Football Federation would result in a significant ⁤loss of income amounting to 925,761.81 euros.⁣ This includes⁤ his salary as president, housing assistance, and the additional funds he received as⁣ vice president […]

FIFA Disciplinary Committee temporarily suspends Luis Rubiales

Why Did Rubiales​ Refuse to Resign? The president of the Royal Spanish Federation, Luis Rubiales, has⁣ faced suspension following his announcement at the Ordinary General Assembly of the RFEF ⁤in Las Rozas (Madrid). Despite widespread criticism, Rubiales declared that he ⁣would not step​ down, defending his ⁢actions ⁤during the‌ Women’s World Cup ⁣final. ​At the⁤ […]