O’Higgins visits Everton today looking for points to climb the table

O’Higgins Region Hosts Inaugural Tourism and⁤ Internationalization Forum On December 5, the O’Higgins‌ Region becomes ‍the⁢ epicenter of⁣ innovation and collaboration with the celebration of the I Tourism and Internationalization Forum. This pioneering event marks a significant milestone ⁤in strengthening the partnership between the public and private sectors, aiming to promote sustainable development in tourism […]

O’Higgins and Cobresal tied without goals

O’Higgins and Cobresal Play ‍to a Goalless Draw O’Higgins and Cobresal failed to break the​ deadlock ​in⁢ their match on Saturday at ⁣the El Teniente stadium. Both teams ​struggled to find ⁢the back⁤ of the net in a game that lacked goals. O’Higgins Dominates Possession but Fails to Convert Despite enjoying 59%‌ of ‌the ball […]

Maradona, eternal

Football Legend Diego Armando Maradona:​ A Timeless Legacy By: Juan A. ‌Medina⁢ / EFE REPORTS Football⁤ offers countless historical moments, unforgettable memories of triumphs, defeats, joys, and disappointments. Among​ them, November 25, 2020,⁤ stands ‌out as one of ⁢the most poignant days ‌in the beautiful sport. It⁤ was a day when the entire​ world mourned​ […]

CDSC Los Desordenados requested return of the land where the sports complex would be built

Los Desordenados Sports Complex Faces Administrative Obstacles After​ years of⁢ stagnation⁢ and‌ numerous administrative hurdles, the Los Desordenados Sports Complex⁤ is still far from‌ becoming ⁤a reality. In a recent development,⁣ the organization‌ has requested the return of the land that was previously handed ​over ‍to⁣ the municipality. A Dream Deferred Over 740 days ago, […]

Unionists work on forming the 2024 squad

Unionists Work on Formation of 2024‍ Squad Several weeks​ have passed since the conclusion of​ the 2023 season ‍for Deportes Santa Cruz. ⁢The Colchagüino team narrowly avoided relegation and is determined to avoid the anxieties they experienced in the recent tournament in the upcoming year. Building a Competitive Team Quietly, the club is diligently ⁣working […]

The celestial ones are already thinking about Cobresal

Los Celestes Already Focused on‌ Crucial⁣ Clash Against Cobresal Next Saturday, O’Higgins finds itself unintentionally thrust into the spotlight as the potential protagonist‍ in the decisive battle for the First Division title. A Chance for Redemption Kickoff is set for 6 p.m. at the El Teniente stadium, where the ⁢light blue team will‌ face off […]

Matías Pino after achieving bronze in Para Table Tennis: “I wanted more”

Matías Pino Reflects on ‍Bronze Medal Win ‍in Para Table Tennis Matías Pino, a remarkable athlete from‌ Rengo,⁤ has secured a bronze‍ medal in⁢ the Para Table ⁣Tennis event at the⁣ 2023 Parapan American Games. Despite his⁤ achievement, Pino expressed his desire for more success in the competition. A Bittersweet ⁣Victory Pino, who previously emerged […]

Matías Pino won the bronze medal in the Parapan American Games

2023 Parapan‍ American Games Kick Off at Ñuñoa Olympic Training Center The highly anticipated 2023 Parapan ⁤American Games have commenced at the Ñuñoa​ Olympic Training Center. While the official opening is scheduled for this Friday, the competition started a day earlier with an impressive performance by an athlete ⁤from the O’Higgins region. With a packed […]

The 2023 Parapan American Games begin with table tennis

2023 Parapan American Games Kick Off with Table Tennis This ⁢Thursday morning, the highly anticipated ⁣2023 Parapan American ‌Games will ⁤commence ‍at the Ñuñoa Olympic Training Center. ⁣The event, set to officially open on Friday, will witness the participation of over 160 national athletes vying for medals. However, just like​ the recent Pan American Games, […]

O’Higgins lost two points in a match where he had everything to win

Unión Española Stages Dramatic Comeback to Draw 3-3 Against O’Higgins By Ricardo‍ Obando / Photos by Héctor Vargas This Sunday, in the commune of Independencia, O’Higgins had everything to comfortably win the match against Unión ⁣Española. However, in the blink of an eye, the local team managed to come back from ​a 1-3 deficit and […]