Carlos Antonio Vélez’s mockery of Petro after visiting Chile

Intriguing Week in ⁢Chile: ​President Petro’s Visit and Soccer Showdown Colombia’s ‍presence in Chile this week is making ‍waves in ‍both the political and sports arenas. President ⁢Gustavo Petro’s meeting with his ‌Chilean counterpart, Gabriel Boric, ⁢has​ garnered​ significant ⁤attention.​ Meanwhile, the ‌Colombian soccer team is gearing ‌up to⁣ face Chile in ⁤the World Cup […]

Pan American Games: Mayor of Barranquilla blames the Government for delays

Pumarejo Awaits Government Manifestation⁢ for Executive Committee Formation In a recent statement, Pumarejo emphasized the importance of the Government of President‌ Gustavo Petro’s manifestation to establish the‌ Executive Committee. This committee will be responsible for‌ creating⁤ a document for the National Council of Economic and ‌Social Policy (Conpes) to secure the necessary resources for the […]

Petro’s darts at leaders of the Colombian Football Federation

President Gustavo ‌Petro Honors ​Colombia Women’s Team This Wednesday, President Gustavo ⁣Petro held a reception‍ to honor the‌ Colombia ⁤Women’s team‍ upon their return from ⁤the remarkable performance in⁣ the World Cup held in Australia. The​ event was ⁣organized to commend ​the soccer players, led ⁢by coach Nelson Abadía, for their outstanding ‍achievement. Women’s Soccer […]

The reactions left by the triumph of the Colombian Women’s National Team

The triumph of the women’s Colombian National Team made an entire country celebrate at dawn. The ‘cafeteras’ won with a score of 2-1 against the powerful Germany, in a game that will go down in history both for the victory and for the emotion of the matchsince the goal that unbalanced the tie was in […]