Pilas: the new position of the Colombian National Team in the FIFA Ranking

Argentina, France, and ‌Brazil Maintain Top Spots in FIFA Men’s World Ranking Argentina, France, and Brazil continue to dominate the FIFA men’s world ranking, solidifying their​ positions on the podium. In ⁣the​ latest‍ rankings, Venezuela has also made a⁤ significant leap, entering the top 50 positions. Meanwhile, Lithuania has registered​ the largest increase, and Spain […]

FIFA visits to the 2026 World Cup venues begin

FIFA Officials Begin Planning Tour for⁢ 2026 World Cup in Miami The organizing committee of Miami,⁢ a city ⁢that ‌has warmly embraced the FIFA26​ headquarters⁢ in the United⁢ States,‍ kicked off the round‍ of visits for the upcoming ‌World Cup. Heimo ‍Schirgi, Director of Operations for the FIFA World Cup, expressed his delight at the […]

Messi-Alvarez shortlisted for ‘FIFA The Best’

Argentina’s Lionel Messi Nominated for FIFA The Best Award After an ​impressive 36-year career, Lionel Messi led Argentina to victory in the World Cup and was crowned ‘FIFA The Best’ as the best ‍male ​footballer ‌in January. Now, the Inter Miami star ⁣has once again been nominated for this prestigious​ award. This ‍time, his partner […]

Why does Ecuador start the Qualifiers with less than three points?

Controversy⁣ Surrounding Byron Castillo’s Nationality The Chilean Football Federation and the Peruvian Football Federation raised concerns in May 2022, accusing Byron Castillo of falsifying documents to​ obtain Ecuadorian nationality. They also ‌questioned his eligibility to represent Ecuador in the World ⁤Cup qualifiers held between September‍ 2021 and March 2022. CAS ⁢Verdict Impacts Ecuador’s Points After […]

FIFA Disciplinary Committee temporarily suspends Luis Rubiales

Why Did Rubiales​ Refuse to Resign? The president of the Royal Spanish Federation, Luis Rubiales, has⁣ faced suspension following his announcement at the Ordinary General Assembly of the RFEF ⁤in Las Rozas (Madrid). Despite widespread criticism, Rubiales declared that he ⁣would not step​ down, defending his ⁢actions ⁤during the‌ Women’s World Cup ⁣final. ​At the⁤ […]

Pedro Rocha: New president of the RFEF after suspension of Rubiales by FIFA

FIFA Disciplinary Committee temporarily suspends Luis ​Rubiales In a recent development, ‍the FIFA Disciplinary Committee has taken the ⁢decision to ​temporarily ⁤suspend ‍Luis Rubiales, as confirmed by the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) on its official website. “The RFEF has received notification from the FIFA Disciplinary Committee regarding the provisional suspension of‌ its president, Luis […]