Barça – Porto | Nico only plays half an hour in the Taça before returning to Barcelona

He came out ‍with the⁢ tie already resolved, replacing Danny Namaso Little prominence on the eve⁤ of the Champions League⁢ duel against Barça Nico González, the former Barcelona player who joined Porto this summer in search of more playing time, is facing⁤ difficulties in establishing himself ‌at his new club. Despite his hopes of finding […]

“De Zerbi will direct one of the giants of football; It doesn’t matter if City or Barça”

11/05/2023 at 2:53 ⁤p.m. CET Shakhtar Star Georgiy Sudakov Opens Up About Champions League Match Against Barça Attacker’s Experience Under Roberto⁣ De Zerbi’s⁣ Leadership at Shakhtar⁣ (2021-2022) It’s becoming unjust‌ to ⁢simply label Roberto De Zerbi as a trendy coach. The Brighton manager has earned recognition as one of the best ‌in the profession through […]

Grassroots Soccer | Cruel ending for Barça at The Football Games Cancún

Infantil B‍ fell⁢ in the⁣ semifinals against Flamengo in the penalty shootout Infantil B fell⁤ in the semifinals against‌ Flamengo in the penalty shootout Both teams performed‌ admirably in the 30 minutes of play The semi-final between ‍Barcelona and Flamengo had the intensity and excitement of a final, which was evident‌ in ⁤the⁢ Brazilians’ jubilant […]

Granada – FC Barcelona | Another ‘stumble’ for Barça with Soto Grado

In the League debut at the Coliseum, against⁤ Getafe, ​the Riojan sent off Raphinha and Xavi He is​ the third referee in the ⁤entire⁣ history of the⁢ League with whom Barça has a negative balance Barcelona was ⁣able ⁢to‍ complete another epic comeback in Los ⁢Cármenes similar to the ‌one against Celta three days⁤ ago.⁣ […]

The debate in the forward post Messi

Absence of Messi Leaves​ a ⁤Void in Barça Forward A ​few hours⁣ before⁤ Barça’s remarkable‌ comeback ⁣in‍ Villarreal, Lionel Messi⁤ once again denied the offensive⁢ statement made⁤ by‍ the club, discrediting him by suggesting that he⁣ had chosen to compete in a less demanding championship. The ⁣global impact of Messi’s exceptional performance ‌in the⁣ MLS […]

Dembele FC Barcelona | The reasons for the delay in the signing of Dembélé by PSG

Dembélé’s Medical Examination with PSG Delayed Transfer Agreement Expected to ⁤be ⁤Finalized Soon 05/08/2023 Act. a las 01:01 CEST Everything seemed to indicate ‌that the ⁤official announcement of the signing of Ousmane Dembélé for Paris Saint-Germain would be this Friday,​ August⁣ 4. However, as⁢ the⁣ hours passed, it became evident that the announcement was delayed, […]