Did Iván Mejía celebrate the million-dollar sanction against Win Sports?

The Superintendence of Industry and Commerce⁣ Sanctions⁣ Win ‌Sports for Consumer⁢ Promise Violations The renowned sports television channel,⁣ Win Sports, has been sanctioned by⁤ The Superintendence ‍of Industry and Commerce‌ for a ‌staggering sum of $284,200,000 million pesos. This⁢ penalty comes as‍ a result of​ the channel’s failure to‌ fulfill its promises to consumers during […]

The current situation of Iago Falque with América de Cali

Spanish Footballer Iago Falque Recovers from Injury ‌Amidst Security ⁤Concerns One of the foreign players on the Scarlet Team, ‌Iago⁣ Falque, is currently on the road to recovery after a severe injury ‌he sustained in May, which required surgery. However, his return to the Cali America⁣ team has been marred by an⁣ unfortunate incident. On […]

The identity of the Nacional fans who were prosecuted

The⁢ Environment‌ at National Athletic The environment at National Athletic has been plagued with several issues ⁤in 2023, particularly concerning the relationship between the ​club’s managers and its fans. The popular bar, Los Del Sur, has been ⁤at the center of numerous conflicts arising from decisions made regarding‌ players and incentives. Analysis‍ of Previous Violent […]

What was the team that Carlos Antonio Vélez mentioned that does not have fans?

A ⁢New Perspective on Colombian Professional Football A new day of football has brought ‍forth ⁢the insightful opinions of​ renowned sports journalist, Carlos Antonio Velez. In his thought-provoking ‍column, ‘Palabras mayores’, ⁤Velez‌ delved into the events of the fifth matchday, with a particular focus on the standout performance of América​ de Cali. Among the various […]

What is at stake Millionaires on this date of Colombian soccer

Millionaires Strive to End Winless⁣ Streak Against Deportes Tolima The reigning champions, Millionaires, are determined to break their three-game winless streak⁤ and score a goal in the Colombian championship as ⁤they⁣ face off against Deportes Tolima. This ⁢crucial match will ⁣mark the ⁤conclusion ⁣of the fourth round of ‍the FPC. A Struggling Champion Despite being […]