Carlos Antonio Vélez reacts against critics of the RCN rating

Caracol Televisión ​Dominates Colombian National Team Matches For several ​years, Caracol Televisión has been the⁤ go-to channel for Colombian ​National Team matches in the ⁢Qualifiers. However, a few months ago, RCN acquired the official broadcasting rights as well. Despite this, Caracol’s dominance in viewership has remained unchallenged. Rating Battle: Caracol vs. RCN The recent matches […]

Iván Mejia launches taunts against Carlos Antonio Vélez for broadcasting Colombia matches

Journalist Criticizes National⁣ Team Coverage A prominent journalist recently expressed his concerns about the‍ biased coverage of the national team in the​ media. He highlighted‍ the favorable treatment given​ to⁤ certain channels and the negative portrayal of others. Unfair Treatment ​by ​RCN The journalist ⁤pointed out that RCN, currently ‌managed by Vélez, has consistently been […]

Colombia national team prepares to defend its undefeated record against Paraguay

Colombian National Team Prepares for Match Against Paraguay Two players, defender Davinson Sánchez and ‌left back Deiver Machado, will not be part of the traveling roster for the upcoming match against Paraguay.‍ Sánchez, who plays for Galatasaray in Turkey, is ⁤suspended ‌due to an accumulation of yellow ‍cards. Machado, from Lens in‍ France, has been […]

What time is the Colombia vs. National Team match? Paraguay?

The Long-Awaited Clash: Paraguay ⁢vs Colombia Paraguay’s ⁢Uncomfortable Streak Against Colombia The⁤ Paraguayan team denies this, but they are ‌uneasy about their 27-year streak ⁤without defeating Colombia in Asunción. However, Colombia seems determined to seek the​ three⁤ points‌ in the sixth day of‍ the ⁣2026 World Cup⁤ qualifiers. Recalling ⁣the Historic Victory A Glimpse⁢ into […]

ESPN journalist’s attack on Carlos Antonio Vélez?

The Emotional Highlight of the Meeting In⁢ a recent meeting, one aspect stood out above all else – the emotional connection. The goals scored⁤ by Luis Díaz and the subsequent celebration with his ​father, who had recently been released from captivity by the ELN guerrilla, brought a powerful ⁢and touching⁢ moment to the game. Recognition […]

How much is the most expensive ticket to see the Colombian National Team?

A VIP Experience at the Metropolitan of Barranquilla Stadium Upon arrival at the Metropolitan of Barranquilla Stadium, a ⁣VIP⁣ entrance awaits, eliminating the need to wait in any kind of line. Once inside, an entertainment area sets the mood with music, screens, and unlimited food and drinks. Enhanced​ Amenities by⁣ the Sponsors The sponsors of […]

At what time and where to watch the Colombia vs. National Team match? Brazil?

Colombian National Team’s Struggle for Points Despite their⁢ unbeaten⁣ record, the Colombian ​National Team ​has failed to secure⁤ maximum points in their last two matches. These ⁤draws⁤ against Uruguay and Ecuador have cost them‌ valuable points and dropped⁤ them down the‌ leaderboard. Currently sitting in fifth place, the Colombians,‌ led‌ by Argentine Néstor Lorenzo, have […]

The replacement of Santiago Arias in the Colombian National Team

FC ​Cincinnati’s Santiago ⁤Arias Injured, Replaced by Yerry Mina for Colombia’s Qualifying Matches The Colombian national team has been dealt a blow‌ as⁢ FC ⁢Cincinnati’s Santiago Arias will be⁤ unable​ to participate in ‌the upcoming qualifying matches ⁤against Brazil and⁤ Paraguay due to an injury. The talented right-back will be replaced by Fiorentina’s center back, […]

Diniz spoke about the match against Colombia for the qualifiers

Brazil’s Interim Coach Anticipates Tough World Cup Qualifiers Against Colombia and Argentina In a⁣ press conference held on Monday, Brazil’s interim coach, Fernando Diniz, expressed ​his belief that the upcoming matches against Colombia and Argentina in the ​2026 World‌ Cup‌ qualifiers will pose significant challenges for the Canarinha. Historical Rivalries and Formidable Opponents Diniz acknowledged […]

Betting houses predict the winner of Colombia vs Ecuador

Colombia vs​ Ecuador: A Clash of ​Titans As the qualifying rounds for the ⁤FIFA⁣ World Cup heat up, all eyes are on the upcoming match between Colombia and‌ Ecuador. The stakes are high, and⁣ both teams ‌are eager to ⁤secure their spot in ‌the championship. A Battle⁣ of Home⁤ Advantage In ‍their ⁤previous encounter, the […]