Everton will face O’Higgins on matchday 29

Audax Italiano and Magallanes ⁢Clash in Chile – ​Betsson Championship ⁣2023 Today, at 6:00 p.m., Audax Italiano and Magallanes will face off in a thrilling match for date 29 of the Chile – Betsson Championship 2023⁤ tournament. The highly anticipated game will take place at the Bicentenario Municipal stadium in‍ La Florida. Teams’ Recent Performances […]

Everton will face O’Higgins on matchday 29

This Wednesday the Sentence Against Former Mayor Juan Paulo Molina is Announced This Wednesday, the verdict was announced for Juan Paulo Molina, the former mayor of San Fernando. He has been sentenced ‍to four ⁣years of‍ imprisonment, along with various ⁢penalties, for committing fraud against the treasury. The crimes were committed between⁣ 2018 ‌and 2021 […]

Magallanes will face Audax Italiano on date 29

Palestino and Curicó Unidos Set to​ Clash in Chile – Betsson Championship 2023 The​ highly anticipated game between Palestino‌ and Curicó Unidos is scheduled ⁣to take place on⁢ Saturday, December 2, as part of the Chile – ⁤Betsson⁣ Championship 2023 tournament. The match will kick off​ at 6:00 p.m. at the ‍prestigious ‌La⁤ Cisterna imperial […]

Coquimbo Unidos will try to continue its positive streak against U. La Calera

Coquimbo Unidos vs U.‌ La Calera: A Thrilling Duel The highly anticipated match‍ between Coquimbo Unidos and⁣ U. La Calera, scheduled for date ⁢29, will take place at the Coloso del Llano on Friday, December 1, starting at​ 8:00⁢ p.m. A Clash of Determination Expect a⁣ match filled ⁢with adrenaline as both teams are determined​ […]

With fairness, Colo Colo defeated Audax Italiano at home

Award-Winning Lololino Couple Shines⁣ in Wine Competition Mrs. Iris and Don Polo, an elderly couple from Lololino, have made a name for themselves in ⁣the wine industry. Their vineyard, ‌which was‌ once dryland, now thrives with⁤ the ‍help of water from the Convento Viejo reservoir. Known⁢ for their participatory and ​responsible approach, they‌ credit their […]

D. Antofagasta will face Deportes Iquique for key 2

Crucial ‌Match Between D. Iquique‌ and Antofagasta to Determine⁤ Liguilla ⁢- Final Spot Today, D.‌ Iquique and Antofagasta will battle‍ it ​out in a high-stakes match to secure their ‌entry into the Liguilla ‌- Final of‍ the Chile tournament‍ – Betsson 2023 Promotion⁤ Championship. With⁤ a 2-2 draw in the ⁤first leg, both teams‍ are […]

O’Higgins and Cobresal tied without goals

O’Higgins and Cobresal Play ‍to a Goalless Draw O’Higgins and Cobresal failed to break the​ deadlock ​in⁢ their match on Saturday at ⁣the El Teniente stadium. Both teams ​struggled to find ⁢the back⁤ of the net in a game that lacked goals. O’Higgins Dominates Possession but Fails to Convert Despite enjoying 59%‌ of ‌the ball […]

Unión Española was easily defeated and fell 4-0 against U. La Calera

U. La Calera Dominates ⁢U. Española with a 4-0 Victory U. La Calera achieved a resounding ‍4-0 victory over⁤ U. Española in a thrilling match​ held ⁢at the⁤ Nicolás Chahuán Nazar Municipal stadium during the 28th round of the Chile tournament ⁤– Betsson Championship 2023. The local team’s overwhelming triumph was sealed by goals from […]

Palestino couldn’t at home against Everton and fell 2-0

Domain Titles Delivered to Families in Cachapoal Province By ‍Alfredo Bravo / Photos by Nico Carrasco More than 100 families in the province of Cachapoal have received domain titles, thanks to the Small​ Property Regularization Program initiated by the Ministry of National Assets. The delivery ceremony took place ​on Thursday at the Rancagua House of […]

First B: Deportes Iquique vs D. Antofagasta Key 2

This ‍Week’s​ Column: Euthanasia Strikes Back This ‍ongoing debate⁢ has been a constant ⁣source of tension in our country, but‌ it is also ⁢a​ global issue that has lost its validity ​in many places, both​ practically and‍ legally. However, the recent ⁤passing of‌ Luis Larraín, co-founder of the Iguales Foundation, has reignited ⁤the discussion. In […]