Carlos Antonio Vélez reacts against critics of the RCN rating

Caracol Televisión ​Dominates Colombian National Team Matches For several ​years, Caracol Televisión has been the⁤ go-to channel for Colombian ​National Team matches in the ⁢Qualifiers. However, a few months ago, RCN acquired the official broadcasting rights as well. Despite this, Caracol’s dominance in viewership has remained unchallenged. Rating Battle: Caracol vs. RCN The recent matches […]

ESPN journalist’s attack on Carlos Antonio Vélez?

The Emotional Highlight of the Meeting In⁢ a recent meeting, one aspect stood out above all else – the emotional connection. The goals scored⁤ by Luis Díaz and the subsequent celebration with his ​father, who had recently been released from captivity by the ELN guerrilla, brought a powerful ⁢and touching⁢ moment to the game. Recognition […]

The words of Carlos Antonio Vélez against the Colombian National Team

The Colombian⁢ National Team’s ⁤Struggles at ‌Home A ⁢closer ‌look at the statistics of ⁢the Colombian National Team reveals a concerning⁤ trend -⁣ they rarely emerge victorious ⁣in home playoff matches against certain⁢ teams.‍ This revelation ​has sparked a discussion among journalists and soccer‌ enthusiasts alike. A Missed Opportunity Renowned journalist, Vélez, emphasizes the ‍importance […]

Statements by Carlos Antonio Vélez against the level of the National Team

Carlos Antonio Vélez’s Insights on Frank Fabra Carlos⁣ Antonio Vélez, renowned sports journalist, recently ‌shared his thoughts on ⁢Frank Fabra’s performance. In addition to analyzing Fabra’s level,​ Vélez discussed Deportivo Cali’s recent match ​against Tolima in the ‌BetPlay league. The sugar team emerged victorious ‍with a two-goal lead. Economic Losses ‍in the Women’s Copa⁤ Libertadores […]

New objections from Carlos Antonio Vélez against the government

Inclusion of⁢ Standardized Contracts in Colombian Women’s Soccer League In an effort⁤ to establish fairness and transparency, a ⁢table has been created to determine⁣ the ⁤salaries of ‌players in the Colombian women’s soccer league.​ This move aims to ensure that players are adequately compensated⁤ for their contributions to the​ sport. Controversy Surrounding Government Subsidies Several […]

Carlos Antonio Vélez’s mockery of Petro after visiting Chile

Intriguing Week in ⁢Chile: ​President Petro’s Visit and Soccer Showdown Colombia’s ‍presence in Chile this week is making ‍waves in ‍both the political and sports arenas. President ⁢Gustavo Petro’s meeting with his ‌Chilean counterpart, Gabriel Boric, ⁢has​ garnered​ significant ⁤attention.​ Meanwhile, the ‌Colombian soccer team is gearing ‌up to⁣ face Chile in ⁤the World Cup […]

Carlos Antonio Vélez settled pending account with Dudamel

The Anticipation Builds for World Cup⁣ 2026 Playoffs The first day of playoffs for the⁣ highly anticipated‍ World Cup 2026 is fast approaching, ‍and Colombians​ are eagerly awaiting the official call-up for the national team’s first match under the ⁤leadership of ⁣Nestor Lawrence. Exploring Potential Players for Colombia’s Matches against⁤ Venezuela and Chile Renowned sports […]

The criticism of Carlos Antonio Vélez for a curious situation in the Cup

Controversial Journalist Carlos Antonio Velez Offers Unique Sporting Perspective Carlos Antonio Velez, a seasoned journalist with over 40 years‍ of experience, never fails to stir up controversy in Colombian soccer. Known for his ‌bold sporting commentary, Velez brings a ​special flavor ‍to his analysis. A Different Side Emerges Despite his impressive track record and extensive […]

What was the team that Carlos Antonio Vélez mentioned that does not have fans?

A ⁢New Perspective on Colombian Professional Football A new day of football has brought ‍forth ⁢the insightful opinions of​ renowned sports journalist, Carlos Antonio Velez. In his thought-provoking ‍column, ‘Palabras mayores’, ⁤Velez‌ delved into the events of the fifth matchday, with a particular focus on the standout performance of América​ de Cali. Among the various […]