FC Barcelona – Atlético de Madrid

13:50 Press Conference Ends Xavi bids ​farewell to the press with an optimistic and ​confident speech. Barcelona is in ‌good spirits ahead of their ​match against​ Atlético de Madrid. Promising news! Enjoy your Saturday afternoon with exciting events such as the⁣ Girona​ and Real Madrid matches, as ⁢well as ⁤the Euro 2024 draw, ⁢which you […]

“El Clásico is the game of the year”

11/17/2023 at 15:59 CET Mariona, Patri Guijarro, Graham ⁤Hansen, Ona Batlle and Salma Analyze the Duel Between Barça and Madrid “They Have Been Growing, But We Are Also Showing More Level Every Year” A Classic is a Classic. Whether it’s in the Champions⁢ League, the⁤ Super Cup, or‌ the League,⁤ it’s a day marked in […]

What is known about the supposed arrival of Luis Díaz to Barcelona

Luis Díaz:‍ A Potential⁤ Barcelona Target? In a recent program, an‍ Argentine ⁢journalist revealed that Luis Díaz, the talented Colombian footballer,​ has expressed his admiration for Barcelona and his desire to ‌play‍ for the Catalan‌ team in the future. This revelation ‍has sparked speculation ⁤about a ​potential transfer. According to the same program,​ Liverpool, the […]

All Shakhtar goals

07/11/2023 Act. a las 19:30 CET Shakhtar and FC Barcelona face each ‌other on⁣ the fourth day of the group stage of the UEFA Champions League FC Barcelona will be visiting Shakhtar ​in Hamburg for⁤ the fourth day of the UEFA Champions League group stage. This match presents an opportunity for Xavi Hernández’s ​team,‍ who […]

“De Zerbi will direct one of the giants of football; It doesn’t matter if City or Barça”

11/05/2023 at 2:53 ⁤p.m. CET Shakhtar Star Georgiy Sudakov Opens Up About Champions League Match Against Barça Attacker’s Experience Under Roberto⁣ De Zerbi’s⁣ Leadership at Shakhtar⁣ (2021-2022) It’s becoming unjust‌ to ⁢simply label Roberto De Zerbi as a trendy coach. The Brighton manager has earned recognition as one of the best ‌in the profession through […]

Real Madrid: schedule and where to watch the LaLiga classic live on TV today

FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid: LaLiga EA‌ Sports Classic .sp-authorbox { margin-bottom: ‍20px; } .authors { display: flex; justify-content:⁢ center; } .author { margin-right: 10px; } .thumb { width: 100px; height: 100px; background-color: gray; } .dates⁢ { display: flex; justify-content: center;

FC Barcelona – Shakhtar | Barça ended up with a forward of 18 years on average

Ferran⁢ Torres, Marc Guiu, and Lamine Yamal Secure Hat-Trick Victory for FC ​Barcelona against ​Shakhtar Donetsk Xavi’s Emphasis on‌ Youth Development Proves Successful in Crucial Champions League Encounter Xavi’s Barça is daring and boasts an impressive young squad.‌ Despite the‌ challenging nature of ‌the match against ​Shakhtar Donetsk, the ‌Blaugrana coach opted not to risk […]

Barça is interested in Tiago Djaló at zero cost

According to‍ Italian⁢ Media, Barcelona and Inter Milan are Interested in Tiago​ Djaló Portuguese International Shines in Ligue 1 After Stint at Milan Barcelona is ‍reportedly interested in signing Tiago‍ Djaló, a central defender who‍ is nearing the end of his ⁣contract with Lille and has no plans to renew.​ According to various Italian media […]

Inter Miami promised Messi that he could say goodbye to Barça

October 3, 2023 at 00:50 CEST Jorge Mas Ensures Leo ‌Messi’s Reunion with FC Barcelona Fans Possible Friendly Match to Be Arranged Jorge Mas, owner of Inter Miami, has⁤ given an ‍exclusive interview⁤ to the Sportsman’s ‍Club, as reported by Marca, where he unveils one ⁣of the ​agreements made ​with⁢ Leo Messi to secure his […]

Barcelona’s 8-minute storm, overwhelmed by Celta

Barcelona’s ⁣Unbelievable Comeback Secures Victory Against Celta Vigo Football is often described as a game of ‍uncertainty, and last ⁣night’s La Liga match between Barcelona and Celta Vigo⁢ perfectly exemplified⁢ this notion. In a mere 8 minutes,⁣ or 480 ⁣seconds, Barcelona managed to overturn⁣ a 2-goal deficit ⁤and emerge victorious ​with a stunning 3-2 win. […]