Apart from Bangladesh’s home series, BPLO will also be seen on T-Sports

The T Sports ​Consortium Acquires Broadcasting Rights for Bangladesh Premier League The broadcasting rights for the upcoming two seasons ⁣of the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) have been⁤ secured by the T Sports-led T Sports Consortium. This exciting domestic cricket⁢ event will not only be televised on T Sports but can also be streamed through the […]

Sri Lanka confident against Bangladesh in past statistics

The Battle for Redemption: ‌Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka The current state of affairs⁤ for Bangladesh ​and Sri Lanka in the World Cup is disheartening. Both ⁢teams have been eliminated ​from the race for the semi-finals, leaving them with a single goal – securing a spot in the 2025 ICC Champions⁢ Trophy. A Glimmer⁣ of Hope […]

Aich Mollah’s century in Sri Lanka puts Bangladesh in an advantageous position

Innings Dominated by Bangladesh Emerging Team In a remarkable display of skill and determination, the Bangladesh⁣ emerging team established a commanding lead in the first innings. Aich Molla’s exceptional century propelled ⁢them to a​ mountainous total, burying the host Sri Lanka under its weight. Despite the Sri Lankan team’s‌ response with two⁤ centuries, they ⁢find […]

The history of Bangladesh winning the series against Pakistan

Bangladesh Women’s Cricket Team Clinches Historic T20 Series Win Against Pakistan Bangladesh’s women’s cricket team showcased exceptional skills in both batting and bowling to secure a consecutive victory⁤ against Pakistan in the​ T20 series. ⁣This remarkable achievement marks the first time Bangladesh has⁢ won a series against Pakistan in the shorter format of the game. […]

Netherlands is not thinking about India or Bangladesh

Intriguing Clash Between Bangladesh and Netherlands at Eden Gardens In the highly anticipated sixth match of the World Cup, Bangladesh ‍and Netherlands will face off at the iconic Eden Gardens in Kolkata on ⁢Saturday afternoon. Kolkata, with its shared language and similar playing conditions, is often considered a home away from home for Bangladesh. A […]

Bangladesh and Netherlands can enter the field in the XI

Bangladesh and the Netherlands Clash in World Cup Battle Bangladesh⁣ is set to face​ the Netherlands today in a crucial match to‍ secure their position in the ongoing World Cup. Shakib Al Hasan and his team have no‌ choice but to⁤ win this match, while ​the Netherlands ‌aims to⁢ paint Kolkata in the colors of […]

Rohit paid the fine before the Bangladesh match

Cricket ⁣News: ⁣Indian Captain Fined for Speeding Before Bangladesh Match In a surprising‍ turn‌ of events, Indian cricket⁤ captain Rohit Sharma has been fined for overspeeding by⁣ the Pune police. The incident‌ occurred as Rohit was​ on⁣ his ⁣way to Pune to ‍join the Indian team for their crucial match against Bangladesh​ in the ⁤ongoing […]

Bangladesh is very poor in cricket

Shakib Al Hasan’s Disappointment in Bangladesh’s Defeat It was an ordinary ‌day, where Shakib Al Hasan himself ‍was in⁢ no mood to celebrate success. Sadness ⁤in the eyes and face. Weakness throughout the body. England’s⁣ Dominance ⁣in the World ⁢Cup Match World‌ Cup debutant ​Mahedi Hasan’s slower ​ball ‌floated ​in the ⁣air was caught by […]

Bangladesh fined after big loss

Bangladesh ‍Cricket Team⁣ Penalized for Slow Over Rate Bangladesh suffered a significant defeat against England in their second World Cup match. However, the team led by Shakib Al Hasan received another blow as they were penalized⁣ for⁢ a slow over rate. The entire team will have to pay‍ a penalty for failing‍ to​ complete the […]

Bangladesh in the quarter finals of an archery event

Bangladeshi⁢ Archers ⁣Face Disappointment in Archery Bangladeshi men and women ⁤archers have experienced a disappointing outcome in the ‍field of⁢ archery​ today. Out of the six ‍team ​events, Bangladesh has been eliminated from the pre-quarterfinals in five of them, with only‍ one ⁢team ⁢managing to reach the quarterfinals. Bangladesh Qualifies​ for Quarterfinals‍ in Recurve⁢ Men’s […]