Walton International FIDE Ratings Chess Top Nest and Machoom

Walton​ International Fide Rating Chess Competition-2023 Fourth Round Results ‘Walton International⁢ Fide ⁤Rating Chess Competition-2023’ is currently underway ‍at the prestigious Manha’s Castle, organized by Manha’s Castle in collaboration with Bangladesh Chess⁤ Federation‌ and under the patronage of Walton Hitech Industries Plc. On Friday, ‌October 27, 2023, the⁤ fourth round of‍ the competition ⁤took place […]

Bangladesh and Netherlands can enter the field in the XI

Bangladesh and the Netherlands Clash in World Cup Battle Bangladesh⁣ is set to face​ the Netherlands today in a crucial match to‍ secure their position in the ongoing World Cup. Shakib Al Hasan and his team have no‌ choice but to⁤ win this match, while ​the Netherlands ‌aims to⁢ paint Kolkata in the colors of […]

How Prime Doleswar and BPL built Malan ‘Dalan’

England Captain Jos Buttler’s Message to Batsmen: Hit the Ball! After a disappointing loss to New Zealand in their‌ first World Cup match, England⁢ captain Jos Buttler had a clear message for his team’s batsmen – hit the ball! Not just any ball, but even the good⁣ ones. The goal is to send it to […]

An eye-catching and heart-touching story

The Asian Games: A Spectacle ‍of Athletic Excellence The Asian Games holds a significant place in the world of sports. As⁤ the second largest multi-dimensional sporting event after the Olympics, it​ has surpassed the Olympic Games in terms of athlete participation this year. With approximately 12,500 athletes from 45 ⁢countries competing for medals in‍ 483 […]

ETA member Asier Eceiza acknowledges having participated in the Alicante attacks in 2003

ETA Member Sentenced for ⁤Terrorist Attacks MADRID 09/26/2023 at 11:34 CEST The Prosecutor’s Office Reduces Sentence⁣ for ETA Member The ETA member, Asier‌ Eceiza Ayer, has admitted his ⁣involvement as an accomplice in the 2003 double attack in Benidorm and Alicante, which left⁢ 14 people injured, including 6 police officers. The prosecutor has⁤ revised the […]

Pakistan will win both Asia Cup and World Cup

Asia Cup: A Prelude to the ODI World Cup Asian cricket fans ⁣are in for a treat as ​two major tournaments are set to⁢ take place ⁤in the coming months. The Asia Cup, starting ⁤this Wednesday, will be followed by the highly anticipated‍ ODI World Cup in October. These back-to-back tournaments will ‌provide Asian countries […]

And not abroad, honors can be read in three sports including cricket in the country

Cricket⁣ Becomes a⁤ Matter of Education For a ​long time, ⁤cricket was considered just a game. However,‍ it has now evolved into a field of study. In a groundbreaking move, Bangladesh is introducing the ‍opportunity to pursue ‌honors or graduation degrees in⁢ three sports,⁤ including cricket. New ⁣Opportunities for Sports Education On Friday morning, Brigadier […]

10 individuals and 2 organizations are getting the National Sports Council award

Award Nominees for ‘Sheikh Kamal National Sports Council ⁤Award-2023’ Announced A total of 10 ⁢sports personalities and 2 organizations have been nominated in ‌8 categories for the prestigious ‘Sheikh Kamal National Sports⁢ Council Award-2023’ by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. The winners will be‍ honored‍ by Prime ​Minister ⁣Sheikh Hasina at‍ a ceremony⁤ to […]

Head’s century and Smith waiting, Australia in good position

Australia showed power on the first day of the final of the Test Championship. They scored 327 runs on the first day by troubling the Indian bowlers. Only 3 wickets lost. Travis Head, who got a century, is unbeaten on 146 runs. Steven Smith ended the day’s play just 5 runs short of a century. […]