‘India may be nervous against New Zealand’

India’s Unstoppable⁣ Journey in the World Cup India has⁤ been showcasing exceptional ‍performance in the ongoing World Cup, emerging victorious in‍ every match and ⁣displaying immense strength. Their unbeatable streak has left many wondering who can possibly halt their progress. Former Kiwi Star’s Insight Prior to the first semi-final, former New Zealand cricket star Ross […]

India won the toss and batted against South Africa

India and South Africa Clash in World Cup Match India ⁣and South ‍Africa faced each other in the highly anticipated 37th match of the World Cup. This⁣ encounter serves ⁣as a⁢ true test of strength for both teams. Led by captain Rohit Sharma, India won the toss and elected to bat first. The match is […]

Sri Lanka confident against Bangladesh in past statistics

The Battle for Redemption: ‌Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka The current state of affairs⁤ for Bangladesh ​and Sri Lanka in the World Cup is disheartening. Both ⁢teams have been eliminated ​from the race for the semi-finals, leaving them with a single goal – securing a spot in the 2025 ICC Champions⁢ Trophy. A Glimmer⁣ of Hope […]

The history of Bangladesh winning the series against Pakistan

Bangladesh Women’s Cricket Team Clinches Historic T20 Series Win Against Pakistan Bangladesh’s women’s cricket team showcased exceptional skills in both batting and bowling to secure a consecutive victory⁤ against Pakistan in the​ T20 series. ⁣This remarkable achievement marks the first time Bangladesh has⁢ won a series against Pakistan in the shorter format of the game. […]

New Zealand won the toss and fielded against Australia

Australia‍ and New Zealand Clash in World⁣ Cup Final Australia and New Zealand, the two neighboring nations ⁣separated by the Tasman Sea, are set to ⁣face each other in the ​highly anticipated ‍final of the‌ World Cup. The match, taking place at the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Stadium in Dharamshala, will commence at 11 am Bangladesh […]

Shakib is not playing against India

Shakib Al Hasan​ Ruled Out of Match Against India Due to Injury In a ⁣major setback for Bangladesh, their star all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan will not be ⁢taking ​the field in⁢ the upcoming match against India. Shakib, who pulled⁢ his ⁢left thigh muscle during the match against New Zealand, had been ​a doubt ⁢for the […]

Afghanistan won the toss and batted against India

India and Afghanistan Face Off in World Cup⁢ Match In their second World Cup match, India and Afghanistan ‌are set to clash on the cricket field. The captain⁢ of Afghanistan, Hashmatullah Shahidi,⁢ won the toss and elected to bat ⁣against India. The highly anticipated‍ match will commence at 2:30 PM Bangladesh time at the ⁢prestigious […]

Pakistan gets scared when playing against India: Moeen Khan

The India-Pakistan ⁤Rivalry: Former Cricketer Accuses Pakistani Players of Cowardice In the intense rivalry between India and Pakistan,‌ it is usually a war of words ⁢between ⁢former players of the two teams. However, a surprising twist occurred ‍when former Pakistani⁤ cricketer Moin Khan labeled his own country’s players as ‘cowardly’.⁣ According to Khan, Pakistan is […]

Bashundhara’s breathtaking win against Odisha at Kings Arena

Bashundhara Kings ⁢Secure Thrilling Victory Against ⁤Odisha in AFC⁤ Cup Bashundhara Kings ‌displayed their aggressive style‍ of play from the start of the match. However, they faced an early setback ‍when Odisha‌ scored in ⁤the 19th minute. Undeterred,‍ the top football club‌ in the country quickly⁤ regained their momentum⁢ and emerged victorious against⁢ the Indian […]

Hermoso sued Rubiales over the kissing scandal

In the Case of the Controversial ‘Kiss Incident’, Spain Women’s Football Team Player Jenny Hermoso Breaks Her Silence In a surprising turn of events, Jenny Hermoso, a prominent player of the Spain women’s football team, has finally spoken out about the controversial ​’kiss incident’. After a prolonged period⁢ of ⁢silence, ‌Hermoso has taken legal action⁤ […]