Support and Confidence in Diego Alonso: Víctor Orta’s Unwavering Commitment to the Sevilla Coach

Support for Diego Alonso: Víctor Orta’s Bet

Despite the negative image in the derby and the lackluster results so far, Víctor Orta remains unwavering in his support for Diego Alonso in Seville. The sports director, speaking at the TransferRoom summit in Lisbon, expressed his confidence in the Uruguayan coach, who is yet to secure a win in LaLiga. Despite facing criticism from fans and questionable decisions during matches, Orta stands by his decision.

“We are extremely pleased with him. The results will come because I witness his hard work and dedication every day. I see how he prepares for games and what he needs to improve. I have no regrets about my decision, and now I am even more convinced that I made the right choice,” stated Orta during the Lisbon summit, where the new tool CoachFinder was introduced. This tool provides clubs with comprehensive information about coaches before making hiring decisions.

“Last season, we faced difficulties with two coaches under contract. This year, we opted for an available coach. I met Diego Alonso when he was still a player at Peñarol. His football knowledge and his ability to speak like a coach even as a player left a lasting impression on me. He has won the Concacaf Champions League with two different clubs, which is an incredible achievement. I presented three candidates to the board, conducted three interviews, and ultimately decided on him,” explained the Sevilla sports director.

Orta’s support comes during a national team break, where the new coach will have the opportunity to improve the team’s performance. “We took over the team four and a half weeks ago, playing matches every three days against tough opponents. These two weeks will be crucial for us, especially the second week, to reinforce our strategies and become a stronger team. We can do better, and we need to be patient to start achieving positive results. I am undefeated in LaLiga, but we must convert draws into victories,” emphasized the coach after the derby draw.

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The ‘CoachFinder’ Tool

Víctor Orta, together with Lille coach Paulo Fonseca, participated in the Lisbon summit to introduce the CoachFinder tool. This tool provides clubs with access to a global database of over 5,000 coaches.

The information available about each coach goes beyond their recent results and league standings. The profiles include tactical and performance data, training style, track record in player development, and an overall rating.

CoachFinder also offers assessments of a coach’s success in nurturing young players and how they fit into a specific club. Clubs can compare potential candidates with each other or with their current head coach to streamline their search.

Samuel Silva is a sports journalist covering news from Seville and Andalusia, with a focus on Seville and Betis. After studying Journalism at the University of Seville, he gained experience at Diario AS and later at Diario de Sevilla for 15 years. Throughout his career, he has interviewed renowned coaches such as Héctor Cúper, Lorenzo Serra Ferrer, Quique Setién, and Manuel Pellegrini. With nearly 4,000 published articles, his work encompasses a wide range of topics, including the ‘Lopera case,’ transfer market news, the Davis Cup, and the Endesa Super Cup. He is also the author of the book ‘The Final and the Sprint: Joaquín’.

essional and have devastated. They have won grand tours, Monuments… but that is not normal. People have to understand that this is not a youth competition. Young people must be given time to develop, to mature and to learn little by little. It cannot be demanded that all the young people who arrive have the same impact as those I have named before. You have to give them margin and patience.

With everything you’ve experienced, what advice would you give to young cyclists starting out now?

Enjoy. Let them enjoy what they do because this is a passion. Be persistent in your goals. That they are constant and make an effort in their daily work. Let them learn from their mistakes, because this is continuous learning. Let them be humble and value their colleagues and the people who help them. In short, they should be good athletes and good people.

And what plans do you have for the future?

Now I’m going to take some time to disconnect. I have been training a kid in the lower categories and I would have liked to continue, but with the knowledge that I am going to acquire with sports management, I could still have a position on a team. The idea is to take a more advanced course and be able to help the youth team and continue enjoying cycling from another perspective, from the car. And, of course, being with the family, now is the time to dedicate more time to them and enjoy them.

Enric Mas, Nairo Quintana, Alejandro Valverde, Andrés Iniesta… A long list of names he has had as teammates. This year he will also have to live with Miguel Indurain in the tribute that will be held for him at the Vuelta.

Listen to me, I have all my admiration for him. I admire him a lot. I think it represents a lot. I know him, he has directed me on several occasions, we have gone by car together… he is a person who awakens admiration, respect and affection in me. He is a phenomenon. I think it will be one more suffering among the sufferings I have in life. He has a lot to give and he is going to leave us with our mouths open on some things.


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  1. “Víctor Orta’s unwavering commitment to Diego Alonso is a testament to the support and confidence he has in the Sevilla coach. It’s refreshing to see such loyalty in the often cutthroat world of soccer management. Here’s hoping they can achieve great things together.”

  2. Víctor Orta’s unwavering commitment to Diego Alonso showcases a strong support and confidence in the Sevilla coach. This steadfast belief in his abilities is sure to boost team morale and ultimately lead to success on the field. A promising partnership indeed.

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