Strong Clash between Medellín and Nacional Fans in the Classic Match, Video

Pelea in the Classic Medellín vs. Nacional

Photo: @DIM_Oficial y Múnera Eastman Radio

Independiente Medellín maintains its dominance over Atlético Nacional this semester and secured their third consecutive victory in the classic match, winning 2-1 at the Atanasio Girardot stadium.

The victory places the team led by Alfredo Arias in first place of their quadrangular group, Group B, with six points. This gives them a sporting advantage over Millonarios, who also have the same number of points.

The match between these two dominant teams had an 80-20 proportion in favor of the home team, DIM. However, before the game even started, there was a violent altercation between red and green fans, which was documented on social media.

The authorities hope that if the Dimayor decides to sanction Medellín for this incident, the red club will take responsibility for organizing future matches.

The Battle in the Eastern Tribune of Atanasio Girardot

The game itself proceeded without any major issues. However, the incident before the match highlighted the tensions between the rival fans.

The Estadio Atanasio Girardot witnessed a record-breaking attendance of 41,634 spectators, making it the highest attendance of the second semester in La Liga and the third-highest of 2023. It was surpassed only by the final of the first tournament between Nacional and Millonarios (44,157) and the first-semester classic between Nacional and their local rivals (42,314).

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  1. The intense rivalry between Medellín and Nacional fans reached boiling point in the classic match, resulting in a strong clash captured on video. Tensions ran high, reminding us of the deep passion and fervor these fans have for their clubs. However, it is crucial to remember that violence has no place in the beautiful game.

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