Stefan Jovic to Join Valencia Basket: Casademont Zaragoza Searches for Replacement

Stefan Jovic Set to Join Valencia Basket as Casademont Zaragoza Seeks Replacement

Valencia Basket is actively searching for a replacement as Stefan Jovic prepares to become a player for the team. The Serbian point guard‘s departure is expected to be officially announced soon, pending the payment of his clause, which amounts to nearly 300,000 euros. Final details of Jovic’s one-season contract are also being ironed out.

Offers on the Table for Jovic

Reynaldo Benito, the president of Casademont Zaragoza, confirmed on Thursday that Jovic has received multiple offers to leave the club. However, the club is not willing to negotiate his departure. Despite their initial efforts to renew his contract and build a team around him, Jovic’s impressive performance in the World Cup and the setbacks faced by rival teams, particularly Valencia, have changed the situation.

Casademont Zaragoza’s Need for Reinforcement

With Jovic’s departure pending resolution and the absence of his compatriot Simanic, who is unable to play due to a kidney loss, Casademont Zaragoza has no choice but to turn to the market for reinforcements. The team, led by Alex Mumbrú, specifically requires a point guard to fill the void left by Martin Hermansson, who will be sidelined for three months. Jovic is the chosen candidate, even though he did not anticipate this opportunity while focusing on the World Cup.

“We shouldn’t panic given the circumstances. Although a point guard is leaving, we have another proven player like Bell-Haynes in that position. We will explore the market, but we are not in a rush to sign someone immediately. When the right conditions arise, we will make a move,” stated the president. He expressed disappointment that the men’s basketball team had been evaluated by someone with a biased perspective.

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Reynaldo Benito further explained, “We were very excited about our plans, but unexpected situations like Aday Mara and Stefan Jovic have disrupted our preparations. The situation with Borisa Simanic is also delicate, and we need to assess it carefully. External factors have damaged the enthusiasm created by our team’s structure.”

However, Benito assured the fans that the club will seek the best possible reinforcements to compete in all competitions, urging them to remain calm.

The Expectations of the Women’s Team

Similarly, the head of Casademont Zaragoza has called for patience regarding the upcoming season of the women’s team. Despite high expectations from the previous year, the team is now preparing for the Euroleague competition, marking a significant leap in competitiveness.

“We have made great reinforcements to ensure that this is not a one-time experience of competing in Europe. This year is about learning and showcasing our ambition as a humble club. We aim to challenge the big teams, as has always been our motto,” commented Benito. The players, upon entering the Zaragoza City Hall, couldn’t help but smile as they remembered their triumph in the Queen’s Cup 2023.

As the Pilar festivities begin, the remaining members of the women’s team, including Mariona Ortiz, Vega Gimeno, Leo Fiebich, and Helena Oma, will serve as criers, continuing the celebration of their past achievements.


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  1. It will be interesting to see how Casademont Zaragoza plans to fill the void left by Stefan Jovic’s departure. Valencia Basket is gaining a talented player, but Zaragoza will need to find a capable replacement to maintain their competitiveness in the league.

  2. It will be interesting to see how Valencia’s new addition, Stefan Jovic, will perform on the court. Meanwhile, Casademont Zaragoza’s search for a replacement should bring some excitement and anticipation to their team as well.

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