Spanish Truck Grand Prix at the Jarama Circuit: Truck drivers challenge speed and compete for the title of European Champion

Spanish Truck Grand Prix: The Kings of the Road

This weekend, the Jarama Circuit hosts the thirty-sixth edition of the Spanish Truck Grand Prix. Truck drivers take center stage as the main protagonists in this championship, which sees the participation of 30 motor professionals. Safety is paramount, with a maximum speed limit of 160 km per hour imposed to ensure the well-being of the drivers.

Reaching this level and becoming a contender for the Spanish or European Champion title is no easy feat. It requires countless hours of training, assembling a competent and reliable technical team, and, of course, owning a top-notch truck.

Modified Racing Trucks: The Powerhouses

Antonio Albacete, often referred to as the Fernando Alonso of the truck racing world, is a three-time European champion. This weekend, he aims to secure a podium finish and bring home another trophy. Albacete emphasizes the prestige of winning in a European championship, even though there are no cash prizes. He highlights the importance of a high-performance truck with excellent power, setup, and balance. Racing trucks undergo significant modifications compared to their production counterparts. The engine and gearbox are positioned centrally and low, doubling the horsepower from 600 to 1,200. Additionally, the weight is reduced to 5,600 kilos from the stock truck’s 8 tons. Safety measures are also enhanced to meet the requirements of this type of racing.

Unlike the classic Formula 1 races, Albacete notes that truck racing events have a more familiar atmosphere, attracting a larger audience.

Ignacio Fernández, the director of the Jarama Circuit, sheds light on the event: “We aim to create a family-friendly environment, welcoming children and young people, with the objective of igniting their passion for the world of motorsports.” This edition of the Spanish Truck Grand Prix will also feature live music, with performances by Los Mojinos Escozios and Modestia Apart, adding to the excitement for attendees of all ages.

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Tickets for the event are priced between 42 and 56 euros for both days, Saturday, September 30, and Sunday, October 1. The races promise to be a spectacular show, complemented by favorable weather conditions.


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  1. “The Spanish Truck Grand Prix at the Jarama Circuit showcases truck drivers pushing their skills to the limit, as they compete for the coveted title of European Champion. It’s a thrilling display of speed, strength, and precision that will leave you in awe of these incredible drivers.”

  2. “I never knew truck racing could be so thrilling! The Spanish Truck Grand Prix at the Jarama Circuit showcased the true skill and determination of these truck drivers as they challenged speed and fought for the title of European Champion. Such an exciting event that definitely breaks stereotypes about trucks and their drivers. Congratulations to all participants!”

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