Spanish judoka Mireia Rodríguez wins silver medal at European Open in Prague

Mireia Rodríguez Shines with Silver Medal at European Open in Prague

VALENCIA – Mireia Rodríguez showcased her exceptional skills and determination at the European Open in Prague, securing a commendable silver medal in the highly competitive event.

A Stellar Performance in the -48 kg Category

In the final of the -48 kg category, representing the Valencian Judo Federation, Rodríguez faced off against the formidable Portuguese judoka, Raquel Brito. Despite a valiant effort, Rodríguez fell short, ultimately earning the well-deserved silver medal and solidifying her impressive performance on the tatami throughout the tournament.

Victories Leading to the Final

Prior to the final, Rodríguez showcased her prowess in the semifinals by defeating the talented French judoka, Manon Urdiales. This victory propelled her into the title fight. In the quarterfinals, she triumphed over the Dutch judoka, Amber Gersjes, while in the preliminary round, she emerged victorious against the Italian competitor, Rebecca Valeriani.

Valencian Delegation’s Overall Results

Marina Castelló, competing in the -52 kg category, secured a respectable fifth position, further contributing to the success of the Valencian delegation. Additionally, Pedro Gómez achieved a commendable seventh place in the -60 kg category, rounding off the impressive results for the Valencian team.

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  1. Congratulations to Mireia Rodríguez on her impressive silver medal win at the European Open in Prague! Her skill and dedication are an inspiration to all Spanish judoka. Keep up the great work!

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