Spain Dominates Hungary in Huelva: A Step Towards Qualification for the European Championship

Spain Dominates Huelva Match and Secures European Qualification

The Spanish team showcased their dominance from start to finish in the match held in Huelva, just as they have been doing throughout the European qualification campaign. Under the guidance of coach Santi Denia, the Spanish team completely controlled the game against their opponents.

There was no need for Spain to resort to a defensive formation with five defenders and four midfielders to protect their lead. Instead, they played with confidence and speed, constantly pressuring their opponents. The opposition, led by Fran Perez, struggled to find inspiration against Spain’s solid defense. It was Alvaro Fernandez who made an impact on the game, delivering a cross that was touched by Diego Lopez before Carlos Martin found the back of the net. Although Granada’s objective may not have seemed clear, it was crucial for them to protect their lead.

Spain dominated the game for almost 90 minutes, keeping their opponents within a 20-meter radius and denying them any chance to break through.

Dominance and Goals

Coach Santi made substitutions, bringing in Samu, Diao, and Pablo Torre to take advantage of a fatigued opponent’s defense. The result was inevitable. Samu immediately made an impact, and Pablo Torre found the back of the net.

It didn’t matter to Hungary whether they lost by one or two goals, and Spain didn’t make much effort to change the scoreline either. The script remained the same – clear dominance from Spain, who continue to excel and solidify their position as the group leaders.

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Match Details

Spain: Cuat; Novoa, Franc, Rafa Marn, lvaro; Fermn (Pablo Torre 62′), Barrios (Gabri Veiga 88′), Turrientes (Javi Guerra 74′); Fran Prez (Diao 62′), Carlos Martín (Samu 62′) and Diego Lopez.

Hungary: Hegyi; Szabo, Barath, Csinger; Kallai (Erdgh 72′), Komaromi (M. Kovacs 46′), Benyei, Kovacs (Kosznovszky 72′), Benczenleitner; Vancsa (Kocsis 81′) and Gruber (Lisztes 53′).

Referee: Jarred Gavan Gillett (Austria). Yellow cards: Komaromi 38′, Carlos Martn 40′, Szabo 50′, Rafa Marn 77′, 80. Benyei, Kosznovszky 88′, 92′ Novoa

Goals: 1-0 36′ Carlos Martin, 66′ Pablo Torre

Incidents: The match took place at the Nuevo Colombino stadium in Huelva, with an attendance of 12,857 spectators.


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  1. Spain showed their dominance on the football field as they cruised to victory against Hungary in Huelva. With this win, they have taken a solid step towards qualifying for the European Championship. The Spanish team’s performance was impressive, highlighting their strength and potential as contenders in the upcoming tournament.

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