South American Classic: Argentina vs Uruguay

Argentina Struggles to Break Down Uruguay’s Defense


92′ Yellow for Palacios for a foul on De La Cruz.

90′ Scorer Darwin Núñez leaves and Federico Viñas comes on. Five minutes are played.

89′ Argentina cannot find the formula to tear down that Uruguayan wall.

Uruguay Extends Lead Against Argentina

Great pass from Nicolás de la Cruz to Darwin Núñez who wins the one-on-one match against Dibu Martínez and makes it 0-2 against Argentina. The home team was already divided in the midfield in its attempt to seek equality.


83′ Lautaro’s header after Di María’s corner and Rochet puts in his gloves. The ‘Bull’ was very close.

81′ Lo Celso for Álvarez and Acuña for Tagliafico. Burn the Scaloni ships.

80′ The last ten minutes are played in La Bombonera. Argentina is suffering its first fall in the qualifying rounds.

Colombia Stages Comeback Against Brazil

COLOMBIA’S GOAL! Luis Díaz scores his double in the 79th minute to come back 2-1 against Brazil. The Liverpool midfielder scored again with his head after a precise cross from James Rodríguez.

Emotional Goal for Luis Díaz

COLOMBIA’S GOAL! Luis Díaz scores the tie with a header in the 75th minute to make it 1-1 against Brazil. Emotional moment for the footballer after the kidnapping of his father, he was released and is now in the stadium.

73′ It’s been a while since Uruguay launched a dangerous counterattack and Dibu has barely intervened in this half. But they have protected his goal very well.

70′ Luis Suárez remains on the bench waiting for his opportunity to play a game with the Celeste again.

68′ Lautaro reprimanded, strong tackle on Cáceres.

64′ De Paul leaves in Argentina and Exequiel Palacios enters.

62′ Bentancur enters Uruguay for Maxi Araújo, after his serious injury.

60′ Argentina is going for more now with all the offensive resources it has on the field.

Messi Hits the Crossbar

57′ PAAALOOO! Messi’s free kick hits the crossbar. The tie was inches away.

54′ Scaloni wastes no time and already brings Di María onto the field for González.

50′ Messi’s set-piece shot hits the Uruguayan marulla again.

49′ Uruguay maintains intense pressure in the rival field and constantly steals the ball.

46′ Lautaro onto the field for Mac Allister and Giménez for Viña. A change on each side after the break.

45′ TO REST! Uruguay narrowly beats Argentina with Ronald Araújo’s goal. Colombia continues to fall 1-0 against Brazil at home.

44′WHAT PROBLEMS FOR ROCHET! Poisoned delivery from Messi and after a series of bounces the ball goes out the bottom.

43′ Maximiliano Araujo slaps De Paul. The Argentine midfielder complains.

Uruguay Takes the Lead

Viña wins the duel against Molina and hits a past cross that Ronald Araujo arrives to beat Dibu Martínez. Great goal from the charrúas.


39′ Great center from Darwin looking for Pellistri and Tagliafico puts his leg in to cut. The Argentine full-back called for a foul.

36′ Araujo goes down to Messi and a free kick for Argentina, which ends with a deflected volley from Julián.

35′ Mac Allister is cautioned for an infringement on Pellistri.

34′ Araújo was clearly offside, but again he put the Argentine defense at great risk.

In Barranquilla, Brazil continues to narrowly beat Colombia.

32′ Yellow for Manuel Ugarte for a foul against De Paul.

30′ The first half hour of the classic is played. The clearest one so far was Darwin Núñez.

28′ NEAR THE CROSS! Shot very deflected after another very vertical attempt.

25′ Messi begins to appear and his team takes advantage of it to gain meters.

23′ Messi’s shot deflects off the barrier into the corner. And there was a yellow one for Dibu.

22′ Dangerous free kick for the home team. He fouls Messi and prepares to execute.

20′ The game became heated due to a foul that Argentina requested for Nicolás González. Uruguay wanted to go on the counterattack and they dropped Maximiliano Araujo in the midfield… the players pushed each other.

17′ The match at La Bombonera was very busy. Both teams try to arm themselves quickly on the counterattack.

13′ Messi tried from outside the area, but Rochet caught it without problems.

11′ Good transition from Uruguay that ends with a dangerous center that Draw was able to control.

10′DARWIN HAD IT! Right cross that passes very close to the left vertical. It took Dibu Martínez to come out and Otamendi to cover.

8′ Now good treatment of the ball from La Celeste. Argentina pressures, but finds it difficult to steal.

5′ Argentina has started with a lot of energy. In rival field permanently.

GOAL FROM BRAZIL! Gabriel Martinelli did it after four minutes with a right hand after a cross from Vinicius. Colombia loses 0-1.

2′ Núñez stomps on Messi and the Argentine is quite sore.


Argentina crashes against Uruguay in La Bombonera for the fifth date of the South American qualifier for the 2026 World Cup, while Brazil faces Colombia in Barranquilla.

For this new edition of the Río de La Plata classic, the Albiceleste comes out with Messi and Julian Alvarez in the attack. In the Uruguayan squad, Luis Suarez is a substitute and plays Darwin Nunez on point. Fede Valverde wears the captain’s badge.


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  1. “A compelling clash between two football giants, Argentina and Uruguay, promises an exhilarating spectacle of skill, intensity, and fierce rivalry. Get ready for a South American Classic that will have fans on the edge of their seats!”

  2. “The Argentina vs Uruguay match is always a thrilling showdown between two football powerhouses. Expect intense rivalry, incredible skills, and fierce determination. Be prepared for a South American classic that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish!”

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