Sevilla’s Disappointing Defeat and the Impending Derbi Against Betis

Sevilla Fans Disheartened After Champions League Defeat

The recent loss against Arsenal in the UEFA Champions League has left Sevilla fans feeling disheartened, casting a shadow over the team’s upcoming derby against Betis at the Sánchez Pizjuán on Sunday, November 12 at 6:30 p.m.

Disappointing Performance Raises Concerns

While a defeat at the Emirates Stadium was expected, it was the lackluster performance by Diego Alonso’s team that has caused the most frustration. Sevilla managed only one shot on goal throughout the match, which came in the 96th minute through Mariano.

Vice President José María del Nido Carrasco addressed the media, taking responsibility for the poor showing in London. “We played a very bad game, there’s no other way to put it. We have not met the expectations of our fans. We are deeply sorry, especially to the fifteen hundred fans who traveled to support us,” he stated.

Del Nido Carrasco expressed his anger and disappointment, emphasizing the need to learn from mistakes and bounce back for the upcoming derby. “We have not been at our level. We can only learn from our mistakes, get up, and deliver a beautiful game on Sunday,” he added.

“We are concerned, angry, and sad. We have complete faith in the squad and the coach, as the president and Víctor Orta have expressed. We believe that we will overcome this situation. We are not asking for patience; we are apologizing. We want to build a project around Diego Alonso,” Del Nido Carrasco emphasized. Nonetheless, Alonso himself seems to understand that a loss in the upcoming derby could have severe consequences, as he mentioned in a press conference.

Furthermore, the frustration of the fans was evident in London, with chants directly targeting President Pepe Castro. The atmosphere is expected to be heated in Nervión ahead of the derby. However, Del Nido Carrasco hopes to bring joy to the team, stating, “From now until Sunday, we will give our all to secure a victory at the Sánchez Pizjuán.”


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  1. Sevilla’s disappointing defeat against their rivals was a bitter pill to swallow. However, with the impending derbi against Betis, they have the perfect opportunity to bounce back and reclaim their dominance. The players must use this setback as fuel to ignite a fiery performance and satisfy the loyal Sevillistas.

  2. Sevilla’s disappointing defeat was undoubtedly a setback, but their upcoming derbi against Betis presents an opportunity for redemption. It’s a chance for the team to bounce back, showcase their true potential, and reignite the competitive fire within. Let’s hope they learn from their mistakes, regroup, and deliver a thrilling performance in the much-awaited clash.

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