Sevilla FC’s Solid Performance in Copa del Rey with En-Nesyri and Mariano Leading the Attack

Sevilla FC Relies on Quantity in Copa del Rey Clash

Sevilla FC has often found itself relying on quantity rather than quality in recent matches. Despite having talented players like Cavani, Luis Suárez, Darwin Núñez, and Maxi Gómez, the team has struggled to find consistent success. In their previous experiences, coach Diego Alonso typically played with a single striker, but in their recent match against CD Quintanar in the Copa del Rey, he opted for two strikers – En-Nesyri and Mariano. This tactical change paid off as they both scored goals that almost sealed the victory before halftime.

Doubts About the Formation

There were doubts about the formation for the match, particularly regarding the positions of Óliver, Lamela, and En-Nesyri. In the end, Alonso chose a 1-4-4-2 formation with double wingers. Juanlu and Pedrosa performed exceptionally well, with Pedrosa being the standout player of the match.

Diego Alonso’s first eleven cup winners also provided some interesting insights. It was the first game of the season for Nianzou, who had been injured since August. Loic Badé, who was a regular under Mendilibar, made his first start under the new coach. Gattoni and Kike Salas, who had been on the bench for most of the season, finally got some playing time. Additionally, Darío Benavides made his debut, and Manu Bueno also had a chance to showcase his skills.

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Here is a breakdown of how each Sevilla FC player performed in the Copa del Rey match against CD Quintanar:


Despite being a substitute, Nyland has been a reliable player for Sevilla FC. He made some crucial saves during the match and demonstrated his skills as a goalkeeper.


Juanlu showcased his versatility by constantly moving up and down the field. He provided crosses and attempted long-range shots. Although he made a couple of mistakes defensively, he was overall a solid performer.

– BADÉ: 6

Badé made his first start under Diego Alonso and showed promise. He was quick and confident in his attacking contributions, although his partnership with Nianzou could use some improvement.


Nianzou returned to the field after a long absence due to injury. He seemed rusty and made some errors in crucial areas. However, he gradually improved


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  1. Sevilla FC’s formidable display in the Copa del Rey, fueled by the striking partnership of En-Nesyri and Mariano, is a testament to their attacking prowess. With their solid performance, Sevilla proves to be a force to be reckoned with in this prestigious competition.

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