Sevilla and Betis Derby Ends in Draw: A Reflection on the Demagoguery and Game Analysis

Seville Derby Ends in Draw: A Battle of Pride

November 13, 2023, 10:27 a.m.

Only a few hours have passed, and the city of Seville is filled with joy. The draw in the derby has ignited the passion for Sevillian football. Now, everyone will bring their own arguments to the table, both at the bar counter and on social media. It’s a point that tastes sweeter for the visitors, Real Betis, but both sides will find reasons to reinforce their own pride.

On the Sevilla side, the focus will be on their team’s reaction. Despite a forgettable first half and conceding the first goal, Sevilla managed to salvage a draw. Ivan Rakitic, the experienced midfielder, showcased his determination to secure the equalizer. This marks the tenth consecutive match in which Sevilla remains unbeaten against Manuel Pellegrini’s Betis in LaLiga, even with the brilliance of Isco failing to tip the scales in the 105th derby.

Meanwhile, Betis will emphasize their superiority in the game. They displayed a more recognizable and comfortable style of play compared to their rivals. Despite having numerous chances to score more goals, they could only manage a draw at Nervión. The celebration of the Beticos in the rival’s stadium cannot hide the frustration that has accumulated over the past decade of this intense rivalry.

Looking ahead, the draw seems more favorable for Betis. With their recent away performances against Granada, Alavés, and Getafe, they have consistently taken the lead on the scoreboard. Coupled with their strong home form, these away draws reinforce their position in the fight for European qualification.

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However, there are concerns within the Sevilla camp. The change in coach has not yielded the desired results, and Diego Alonso has already faced criticism for his decisions. Despite the coach’s attempts to maintain an optimistic outlook, Sevilla’s lack of a clear plan was evident. It was only the players’ pride that salvaged the draw, allowing their fans to defend their team against their rivals. Nevertheless, questions remain about the team’s direction.

The Seville Derby, fortunately, concluded without any major incidents, apart from some unpleasant chants from a minority. Now, the focus shifts to the realm of demagoguery. Some will attempt to hide the disappointment of leaving their eternal rivals unscathed, while others will turn a blind eye to the shortcomings of a project that is yet to find its footing.

Samuel Silva is a seasoned sports journalist covering Seville and Andalusia, with a special focus on Sevilla and Betis. With a Journalism degree from the University of Seville, he has worked for Diario AS and Diario de Sevilla, covering preseasons and trips of Sevillian soccer teams across Spain and Europe. Throughout his career, he has interviewed renowned coaches such as Héctor Cúper, Lorenzo Serra Ferrer, Quique Setién, and Manuel Pellegrini. With nearly 4,000 published articles, his expertise extends to various topics including the ‘Lopera case’, transfer market news, the Davis Cup, and the Endesa Super Cup. He is also the author of the book ‘The Final and the Sprint: Joaquín’.


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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this article’s insightful analysis of the intense Sevilla and Betis derby. The discussion on the demagoguery surrounding the match provided an interesting perspective, highlighting the passion and rivalry between the two clubs. Great read!

  2. This article provides insightful game analysis and highlights the demagoguery surrounding the Sevilla and Betis derby, which ended in a draw. A thought-provoking read that sheds light on the complexities of football rivalries.

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