Santi Aldama Shines in NBA with Career-High Scoring Streak | Grizzlies Benefit from Key Absences

Santi Aldama Shines with Record-Breaking Performances in the NBA

By Nacho Duque


Santi Aldama, the power forward for the Grizzlies, is currently experiencing the best moments of his three seasons in the NBA. He has recently broken his scoring record not once, but twice in the last three games. After scoring 24 points against the Lakers, he reached an impressive 28 points against the Celtics. In between, he contributed another 17 points against the Spurs. This remarkable stretch has seen him average 23 points and nine rebounds per game, solidifying his position as a rising star in the league.

Aldama has been able to seize the opportunities presented by the absences of key players on the Grizzlies’ roster. Ja Morant is still serving a 25-game suspension, while Steven Adams, Brandon Clarke, and Marcus Smart are all nursing injuries. These circumstances have allowed Aldama to secure a spot as a starter for the first time this season. He has made the most of his increased playing time, recording impressive stats such as 12 rebounds, six assists, and six three-pointers.

To cap off his exceptional performance, Aldama came close to securing a victory for the Grizzlies with a last-second three-pointer. Although he narrowly missed the shot, he received high praise from his coach, Taylor Jenkins. “He was incredible. He has a lot of versatility,” Jenkins commended. Aldama himself expressed gratitude for the trust and support he receives from his teammates and coaching staff. “I believe in my opportunity, but everyone believes in it,” the talented player from the Canary Islands stated.

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Dynamism and Versatility

Aldama has become the offensive focal point for his team, attempting a personal record of 27 shots during the game. His teammate, Desmond Bane, also spoke highly of Aldama’s progress, stating, “His progress is spectacular. He never stops improving. He is very dynamic and can do many things: he is a threat from the outside, attacks the rim, and generates plays. Having him in the starting lineup adds size and versatility to our team.”

Although Aldama missed the first six games of the season due to injury, he has made a strong impact in the following seven games. He is currently averaging 14.7 points, 6.4 rebounds, and 2.5 assists in nearly 26 minutes of playing time. However, despite Aldama’s individual success, the Grizzlies have struggled as a team, holding a disappointing record of 3-10 and failing to secure a win in their six home games.


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  1. Wow, Santi Aldama is making quite the splash in the NBA with his career-high scoring streak. The Grizzlies certainly seem to be benefiting from key absences. Can’t wait to see what else Aldama has in store for us. Impressive!

  2. Santi Aldama’s career-high scoring streak in the NBA is an impressive feat. The Grizzlies making the most of key absences is a testament to their resiliency. Exciting times for both the player and the team!

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