San Luis Hockey: Historic promotion of the Marist Club to the second category

The Marist Club Achieves Remarkable Growth and Promotion

The Marist club has experienced tremendous growth over the past thirteen years since its inception. Exciting news awaits as the main team prepares to compete in the second category starting from the upcoming season.

November 21, 2023 | 03:35
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San Luis Women’s Hockey Teams Achieve Historic Promotion

San Luis hockey is currently experiencing a momentous occasion as both the Strip “A” and “B” women’s teams have successfully secured promotion to the next higher category.

San Luis “A” has made a significant leap to the First B of the Metropolitan women’s hockey tournament, while the Marist “B” team has climbed to the First D for Ladies.

This achievement is the result of a lengthy process that began with the club’s affiliation to the Buenos Aires Amateur Hockey Association in 2009. The following year, the San Luis girls started playing on a grass court.

The San Luis “B” team celebrating their victory over Pucará and their promotion / @clubSanlus

In 2013, San Luis became home to Santa Barbara and constructed its own synthetic field (sand) in the La Cumbre neighborhood, where matches were played two years later.

Thus, the journey began. Through a dedicated process and with the unwavering support of the club, San Luis steadily climbed the ranks from Primera F to C, finally reaching the latter category in 2019.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, San Luis “A” managed to secure promotion to the second category of Metropolitan hockey this year, following a spectacular campaign (see separate article).

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Pilar Bello, Magdalena Ajargo, Micaela Ive, and Emilia Miguez in the editorial office / D. Alday

The growth of hockey also led to the formation of Strip “B,” which, as mentioned earlier, achieved promotion to the First D. Additionally, the Marist team of Strip “C” competes in the Metro Damas Domingo tournament.

Pilar Bello and Magdalena Ajargo from Strip “A,” along with Micaela Ive and Emilia Miguez from Strip “B,” visited the editorial office of this esteemed newspaper to share their joy and relive the historic double promotion of San Luis women’s hockey.

These four players have been an integral part of San Luis since the early days of the sport and are thrilled to witness the current success of the Marist club’s hockey program.


The San Luis Strip “A” team remained undefeated in the second phase of the Relocation B/C Z1 tournament, securing the second position behind San Fernando “B.” Meanwhile, the Marist club’s Strip “B” earned promotion by qualifying among the top four teams in the Relocation D/E Z1.

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