Rodgers Gives Insights on Improving the New York Jets’ Offense

Rodgers Tells McAfee How He Can Improve Jets’ Offense

Aaron Rodgers explains to Pat McAfee what hasn’t worked with the Jets’ offense and how it can be fixed.

By Adam Schefter | ESPN | Nov 19, 2023, 15:20 ET

The New York Jets’ quest for offensive solutions will extend beyond the current season as they consider revisiting their pursuit of a player they have been eyeing since last summer.

Before last month’s trade deadline, the Jets inquired about the possibility of reuniting Aaron Rodgers with his former Green Bay Packers teammate, Pro Bowl wide receiver Davante Adams, who is currently with the Las Vegas Raiders. However, their attempt was swiftly rejected.

Nevertheless, sources within the NFL indicate that the Jets are likely to make another move for Adams during the upcoming offseason.

“That will happen,” revealed an ESPN source. “I think so.”

Insiders suggest that the Raiders’ willingness to consider trading Adams may depend on how their season concludes. Since appointing Antonio Pierce as interim head coach, the Raiders have won both of their games, gaining recognition and respect throughout the league. Adams himself appears content and satisfied with the team’s recent success.

If the Raiders continue to demonstrate progress, Adams may choose to remain in Las Vegas, where he has enjoyed his time. However, if the team falters and Adams believes that reuniting with Rodgers in New York would enhance his chances of winning, he may ultimately request a trade.

Adams and Rodgers share a deep admiration and respect for each other. They recently spent time together in Las Vegas, with Adams posting a photo of their reunion on social media.

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The Jets have been closely monitoring Adams since acquiring Rodgers earlier this year. Their most recent attempt to acquire Adams occurred last month, as they waited for the opportune moment to approach the Raiders about the three-time All-Pro receiver.

However, the Raiders, fresh off a loss to the Detroit Lions on “Monday Night Football” and on the same day they fired coach Josh McDaniels and general manager Dave Ziegler, informed the Jets before the October 31 deadline that they were not interested in trading Adams. Another ESPN source even stated that there was “no chance” Las Vegas would trade the six-time Pro Bowler.

This season, Adams, 30, has recorded 57 receptions for 659 yards and three touchdowns in his second year with the Raiders.

The Jets, currently with a 4-5 record, face their AFC East rivals, the Buffalo Bills, in a road game on Sunday. They currently rank 29th in total offensive yards per game and have averaged a mere 16 points per game, the third-lowest average in the NFL. The Jets’ offense has not scored a touchdown since their 13-10 victory over the New York Giants on October 29.


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  1. Rodgers’ valuable insights offer a glimmer of hope for the struggling New York Jets’ offense. Exciting to see potential improvements on the horizon!

  2. Rodgers’ insights could be a game-changer for the struggling Jets’ offense. Can’t wait to see how they implement his suggestions!

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