Ricardo La Volpe: The Lack of Recognition in Argentina and the Comparisons with Osorio

Ricardo La Volpe: Recognized in Mexico, Overlooked in Argentina

The former Mexican national team coach, Ricardo La Volpe, opened up about the lack of recognition he receives in his home country of Argentina. Despite being a world champion player in 1978 and achieving his greatest coaching success with Argentina, La Volpe feels that he is not acknowledged like other players.

A Journey from Argentina to Mexico

La Volpe, affectionately known as ‘Mustache’, had a remarkable career as a player and coach in Mexico. After winning the World Cup with Argentina, he made his way to Mexico where he played and later transitioned into coaching. However, despite his achievements, La Volpe believes that his success in Mexico overshadows his accomplishments in Argentina.

“When I arrived in Mexico, I realized the difference in recognition. In Mexico, I am like Gardel, a legendary figure. But here in Argentina, I am nobody,” La Volpe candidly shared with ESPN.

Standing Out: La Volpe vs. Osorio

La Volpe also expressed his discontent with the comparisons made between his coaching style and that of Juan Carlos Osorio. He believes that his team played with a unique flair and instinct, unlike Osorio’s more tactical approach.

“After the Confederations Cup, the press told me that the most difficult part was yet to come. But I had just beaten Brazil and finished third against Germany. I knew how my team played, and I confidently said, ‘I’ll walk by’,” La Volpe explained.

He further emphasized his success by stating, “During my four years as coach, I was seeded and played 39 matches in the United States, a feat that no one else has achieved.”

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2 Responses

  1. It’s a shame that Ricardo La Volpe’s success and contributions often go unnoticed in Argentina. The unfair comparisons with Osorio only add insult to injury. La Volpe deserves more recognition for his achievements in the world of football.

  2. “La Volpe’s lack of recognition in Argentina is truly baffling considering his impressive coaching career. Drawing comparisons with Osorio only proves that both managers deserve more credit for their tactical prowess and achievements in the game.”

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