Ricardo Gareca: A Respected Figure in South American Football

Ricardo Gareca, an Argentine coach, has made a name for himself as one of the most recognized technicians in South American football. He achieved a remarkable feat by leading Peru to qualify for the World Cup after a drought of more than three decades.

A Potential Move to Chile?

Following his departure from the Inca team, Gareca’s name has been linked to several important teams and clubs. Speculations arose about the possibility of him coaching Cali America, a club where he is considered an idol. There were also talks of potential opportunities in Colombia and Ecuador.

However, recent rumors suggest that Gareca might be a candidate for a team in CONMEBOL, the South American Football Confederation, to take charge as their head coach.

Chile’s Interest in Gareca

It seems that Chile is the team showing the most interest in Gareca. After a disappointing performance against Paraguay, the Chilean national team is looking to revamp their strategy. This comes after the resignation of Eduardo Berrizzo, their previous coach.

If Gareca were to replace Berrizzo, it would be a significant opportunity for his career. This would be his second experience coaching a national squad. Although there is no official confirmation yet, the demand for his appointment is already growing.

“If we want a chance for Chile to qualify for the 2026 World Cup, we must bring ‘Tigre’ Gareca no matter what,” some fans and experts argue. “Gareca knows how to achieve great results with limited resources, and that’s exactly what Chile needs in football: resourcefulness.”

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Upcoming Match: Chile vs Ecuador

For now, Chile’s immediate focus is on their upcoming match against Ecuador. They are determined to bounce back and regain lost ground. The match between these two teams is scheduled for November 21st at 06:30 pm.