Results and Qualifiers of the 7th Round of Coupe de France: Ligue 2 Clubs Enter the Fray

The 7th round of the Coupe de France, on November 17, 18 and 19, 2023, marks Rodez’s entry into the running, in the wake of the Ligue 2 clubs. Who qualified? Who was trapped? We take stock.

League 2 was on break, international break required… but not only that! These November 17, 18 and 19, the second division clubs are not resting. Indeed, It’s the weekend of their entry into contention in the Coupe de France!

They assured

For the vast majority of Ligue 2 teams, the job was done. The biggest success returns to Laval, big winner of Provin (R1), 5 goals to 0. Quevilly-Rouen went to impose himself 4-0 in Montdidier (R3). As for Caen, Rodez, Saint-Etienne and Amiensthey won by the score of 3-0respectively in Loon-Plage (R1), Liffré (R1), Bourg-en-Bresse (N2) and Hombourg-Haut (R1).

On their side, Angers and Valenciennes assured, 2-0 in Houilles (R1) and Haguenau (N2). Finally, qualification by the smallest of margins, 1-0, of Pau FC in Chauray (N3) and Dunkirk in Chaumont (R1).

They shook

For other teams, it was necessary to whip to validate your ticket around the 8th round. Led 1-0 in Villefranche (N1), Grenoble equalized then scored the qualifying goal in the 90th minute (1-2). Semi-finalist last year, Annecy was pushed by Fos (N3) after opening the scoring. The FCA has scored in the 86th to move on to the next round (1-2).

Sometimes the 90 minutes weren’t enough. It was necessary directly go through the penalty shootout since, as a reminder, there are no extensions. For four Ligue 2 clubs, the sentence was favorable. Bordeaux mastered his in Canet (N3) after coming back to 1-1 (1 tab to 4).

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The nerves of Paris FC were put to the test: we had to go to the 8th shooter to win in Villejuif (R1, 4 tab to 5), after a score of 2-2 at the end of the regulation time. 2-2 also after 90 minutes between Guingamp and Saint-Malo (N2): the EAG, which snatched the equalizer in the 91st, won 2 tab to 4.

Finally, while no team managed to find the net between Auxerre and Pays du Valois (0-0), AJA advanced to the next round, winning its session 2 tab to 4.

They fell

There were, in total, five Ligue 2 teams faced with the penalty test. If four of them successfully completed their session, Concarneau has not reached the milestone. After a crazy match, concluded with a score of 3-3 at Stade Briochin (N2), the recent scorer of the Laval leader in the championship was beaten 5 tabs to 3.

Other second division clubs saw their Cup adventure end there at the end of regulation time. Troyes was defeated at Epinal, N1 club, 2 goals to 1. Finally, the Bastia Sporting Club fell very heavily on the lawn of Lyon la Duchère (N3), 4 to 1.

Score Summary

Who is qualified? Who is eliminated? Here is the summary of the Ligue 2 scores for this 7th round of the Coupe de France football:

  • Delivered (R1) 0-3 Rodez
  • Province (R1) 0-5 Laval
  • Montdidier (R3) 0-4 Quevilly-Rouen
  • Loon-Plage (R1) 0-3 Caen
  • Hombourg-Haut (R1) 0-3 Amiens
  • Bourg en Bresse (N2) 0-3 Saint-Etienne
  • Coals (R1) 0-2 Angers
  • Chauray (N3) 0-1 Pau FC
  • Chaumont (R1) 0-1 Dunkirk
  • Haguenau (N2) 0-2 Valenciennes
  • Villefranche (N) 1-2 Grenoble
  • Fos (N3) 1-2 Annecy
  • Pays du Valois (N3) 0-0 (2-4) Auxerre
  • Saint-Malo (N2) 2-2 (2-4) Guingamp
  • Villejuif (R1) 2-2 (4-5) Paris FC
  • Canet (N3) 1-1 (1-4) Bordeaux
  • Stade Briochin (N2) 3-3 (5-3) Concarneau
  • Epinal (N) 2-1 Troyes
  • Lyon la Duchère (N3) 4-1 Bastia
  • Toulouse Métropole (R1) – Ajaccio : 1-4
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What program for the 8th round?

The draw for the 7th round also included that of the 8th. In other words, the qualifiers already know which clubs they will face during the deadline which will be held the weekend of December 10. Here is the program :

  • Le Plessis Robinson (R1) – Angers
  • Saint-Philbert (N3) – Laval
  • Saint-Méziéry (R1) – Auxerre
  • Quevilly-Rouen – Dijon (N)
  • FC Métropole Troyenne (N3) – Paris FC
  • AG Caen (N3) – Guingamp
  • RC Calais (R1) – Caen
  • Reims Saint-Anne (N3) – Dunkirk
  • ES Thaon (N3) – Amiens
  • FC Mulhouse (N3) – Valenciennes
  • Coulaines (R1) – Pau FC
  • Stade Mayennais FC (R1) – Rodez
  • Angoulême (N2) – Bordeaux
  • Chambéry (N3) – Grenoble
  • Nîmes Olympique (N) – Saint-Etienne
  • Thionville (N3) – Annecy
  • AC Ajaccio – US Orléans (N)


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