Repechage for Euro 2024: Routes and teams at stake

Repechage Draw for Euro 2024 Final Phase Set to Take Place

Next Thursday, the highly anticipated draw for the repechage stage of Euro 2024 will be held in Nyon. This crucial draw will determine the three teams that will secure their seats in the final phase of the tournament. Twelve teams will be divided into three routes, with one winner emerging from each route.

Route A: Croatia or Wales, Poland, Estonia, and a Wildcard Team

Route A will consist of powerhouse teams Croatia or Wales, Poland, Estonia, and one of the three teams to be decided by a draw, which includes Finland, Ukraine, or Iceland.

Route B: Israel, Bosnia, and Two Wildcard Teams

Route B will feature Israel, Bosnia, and two of the three wildcard teams, namely Finland, Ukraine, or Iceland.

Route C: Georgia, Kazakhstan, Greece, and Luxembourg

Route C will showcase the talents of Georgia, Kazakhstan, Greece, and Luxembourg as they battle it out for a spot in the final phase.

The repechage stage, scheduled for March, will consist of semifinals and a final match in each of the routes. All matches will be played in a single game format, adding to the excitement and intensity of the competition.

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The Uruguayan striker will reunite with Barcelona after his departure in the summer. He has 10 goals in 14 games with Atlético de Madrid.


Montjuïc or Camp Nou: what the Committee must decide

FC Barcelona requested the Competition Committee to play the League match against Atlético de Madrid at the Lluís Companys Stadium instead of the Camp Nou.



I don’t think that the fact that Simeone was a Barcelona player will make him change the way he feels about Atlético. In his place I would be the same, wanting to win and demonstrate. The most important thing is the players and their mentality, not the coach.

There is respect for the rival coach, but that does not affect the game. Each one tries to bring out their best version and win the game.

Ansu returns after eight months

The forward will return to the playing fields after his long knee injury . He has been out for eight months.


This article is a compilation of news, quotes, and information related to the press conference of Xavi Hernandez before the Barcelona – Atletico Madrid match. It also includes news articles about various topics such as the history between Barca and Atletico, the absence of Ter Stegen due to injury, Suarez’s return to face Barcelona, ​​and Laporta’s visit to the team’s locker room to motivate the players
The photo shows the rubble of a neighborhood in Khan Yunis after an Israeli strike in southern Gaza. The article talks about the search for new victims after the latest raids


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  1. Euro 2024 Repechage: Nail-biting routes and fiercely competitive teams battling for their last chance. Brace yourselves for an exhilarating showdown!

  2. The upcoming repechage for Euro 2024 is set to be a thrilling battle, with teams from various routes vying for their spot in the tournament. The stakes have never been higher, and the competition is sure to be fierce. Football fans, get ready for an exciting ride!

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