Reinaldo Rueda Drops Romell Quioto from Honduras Squad: Brayan Beckeles Reacts

Reinaldo Rueda Drops Romell Quioto from Honduras National Team Call

Former Player Brayan Beckeles Shares Thoughts on the Decision

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS – In a surprising move, Reinaldo Rueda, the technician of the Honduras national team, has decided to exclude Romell Quioto from the upcoming matches against Mexico. This decision has sparked discussions among football enthusiasts, including former Honduran national team player, Brayan Beckeles.

“Personally, it bothers me because I know that Quioto is not only a friend but also a brother and a great player. I am aware of the hard work he has put in for these moments. However, decisions have consequences, and ultimately, I believe there should be a dialogue to determine what is best for Honduras,” Beckeles expressed.

Consequences and Focus on Mexico

Beckeles, 37, also shared his thoughts on the potential consequences within the squad leading up to the game against Mexico on Friday, November 17 at the Azteca Stadium.

“The impact will depend on the players, but one thing I do know is that this situation should bring the team closer together and maintain a strong focus on defeating Mexico. It is crucial for us to secure a victory in Tegucigalpa to secure our qualification,” Beckeles stated.

Beckeles Remains Neutral

When asked about his opinion on who should replace him in the national team, Beckeles remained neutral and stated, “That decision belongs to Professor Rueda, and I do not involve myself in such matters. I am an Olimpia player, and my priority is to be just another Honduran. It doesn’t matter who is on the National Team.”

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He further emphasized the importance of humility and supporting fellow colleagues. Beckeles believes that if the coach makes a mistake, it is their responsibility as players and journalists to come together and provide support. While he acknowledges that there may be other deserving players, he believes that only God knows the reasons behind the coach’s choices.

Potential to Beat Mexico

Concluding his remarks, Beckeles expressed optimism about Honduras’ chances of defeating Mexico in both the home and away matches for the quarterfinals of the Nations League.

“Yes, we have talented players, and there is certainly potential to achieve great things. It is exciting to face a team like Mexico, who have been performing well,” Beckeles concluded.


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  1. It’s always disappointing to see a talented player like Romell Quioto not making the squad, however, it’s crucial to trust and respect the decisions made by coach Reinaldo Rueda. Brayan Beckeles’s reaction to the news highlights the camaraderie within the team and their support for each other.

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