Red Bull and Ferrari’s Lessons Learned from the Singapore GP

‘Checo’ Pérez’s Struggles in the Singapore Grand Prix

The Singapore Grand Prix proved to be a challenging race for Red Bull and its drivers, Sergio Pérez and Max Verstappen. The tire strategy implemented by the team, coupled with the difficulties faced by the RB19 on the Marina Bay urban circuit, prevented Pérez from securing a podium finish. International press outlets criticized the Mexican driver for his “clumsy” maneuvers against Yuki Tsunoda and Alex Albon, resulting in a penalty for the latter.

Tire Strategy and Complications

According to various international press reports, Pérez fell victim to Red Bull’s unfortunate tire strategy. After switching to medium tires, he found himself trailing behind Verstappen. Despite this setback, Pérez fought hard to secure points but made a clumsy overtaking move on Albon’s Williams, resulting in a five-second penalty.

Mixed Ratings and Evaluations

Several media outlets provided their evaluations of Pérez’s performance in the Singapore Grand Prix. ‘Crash’ magazine rated him the highest with a score of 6, acknowledging his eighth-place finish but highlighting the incidents with Tsunoda and Albon. However, the penalty did not affect his final position in the race.

OA Sport from Italy gave Pérez a rating of 5.5, attributing his eighth-place finish to the unsuitability of the Red Bull RB19 for the challenging Singapore track. They compared his struggles to those of his teammate, Verstappen.

The Race, a publication that ranks Formula 1 drivers after each race, placed Pérez in twelfth position for his performance in Singapore. They noted his difficulties in making progress during the early stages of the race and his hard-fought eighth-place finish.

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A Reasonable Weekend in Difficult Circumstances

Overall, Pérez’s performance in the Singapore Grand Prix can be considered reasonable given the challenging circumstances. Despite the setbacks and criticisms, he showcased determination and resilience throughout the race.


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  1. The Singapore GP serves as a valuable lesson for both Red Bull and Ferrari, highlighting the importance of flawless strategy execution and keeping up with the evolving competition. Both teams need to review their approaches and make necessary adjustments to ensure better performances in future races.

  2. The Singapore GP served as a invaluable learning experience for both Red Bull and Ferrari. The race highlighted the need for constant improvement and strategic adaptability in Formula 1. Looking forward to seeing how they channel these lessons into future races! 🏎️🔧 #SingaporeGP #RedBull #Ferrari

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