Recap of the Chaotic F1 Weekend in Las Vegas: Sainz’s Sanction and McLaren’s Surprising Exit from Q3

Frenetic Start to the Formula 1 Season

The opening weekend of the Formula 1 season has been filled with excitement and drama. However, the Las Vegas race left a bitter taste due to an unfortunate incident and subsequent penalty for Carlos Sainz, overshadowing a chaotic qualifying session. Notably, McLaren, Stroll, Hamilton, and Checo Prez failed to make it to Q3, while Albon, Bottas, and Sargeant secured favorable grid positions.

Summary of Formula 1 Events

Charles Leclerc claimed pole position, although he will start 12th due to a penalty, with Carlos Sainz taking second place. The dominance of the Ferrari team in Las Vegas is undeniable. Sainz expressed his frustration, stating, “There was a safety issue on the circuit that destroyed my car. My mechanics had to spend five hours building a new car, and then we receive a ten-place penalty for something that has nothing to do with us.” This discontent is growing among the drivers.

Fernando Alonso, affected by his compatriot’s penalty, will start in 9th position. He commented, “Hamilton, Checo, Carlos, Norris, Piastri… I have formidable opponents behind me. Ferrari is in a league of its own on this circuit, so it remains to be seen if I can keep Pérez and Hamilton at bay.”

The Grid for the Las Vegas Grand Prix

Exploring the F1 Las Vegas GP Circuit

The F1 Las Vegas GP features a brand new track, generating high expectations for the race. The drivers are unfamiliar with the circuit, and many have admitted to facing challenges while learning its intricacies. Even Max Verstappen, the main rival this season, confessed to crashing into walls in the video game simulation. It remains to be seen how they will fare in reality.

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Where to Watch the 2023 F1 Las Vegas GP

The Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix can be watched on DAZN. Alternatively, you can follow the urban circuit event on Movistar+ through the DAZN F1 channel. Additionally, MARCA.com and Radio MARCA will provide comprehensive coverage of the 21st event in 2023.

F1 2023 Las Vegas GP Race Schedule

Sunday, November 19:

  • Race: 7:00 AM (50 laps)


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  1. This weekend’s F1 events in Las Vegas were utterly chaotic! The sanction on Sainz and McLaren’s unexpected exit from Q3 left fans in disbelief. Can’t wait to see how the next race unfolds!

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