Real Zaragoza aims for redemption in Copa del Rey clash against Atzeneta

Royal Zaragoza Aims to Bounce Back in Copa del Rey

The Royal Zaragoza team is determined to reset and leave behind their recent setback in LALIGA Hypermotion. Their journey in the Copa del Rey begins with a match against the humble Atzeneta. Fran Escribá, the coach, is eager to overcome the disappointment of the previous edition, where they were eliminated in the early stages of the tournament.

In a press conference, Fran Escribá discussed the upcoming match and reflected on the current situation of the team.

Fran Escribá’s Perspective

Escribá expressed the importance of the Copa del Rey, emphasizing the need to avoid a repeat of last year’s disappointment. He stated, “I still carry that pain within me. It was a humiliating experience. If we are to be defeated, let it be because our opponents were superior, not because of our own shortcomings. Although we understand that winning the Cup is challenging for a team like ours, we will approach this match with the same intensity as any league rival.”

Regarding the lineup, Escribá mentioned that there will be some changes, but the focus will be on selecting the best eleven players for the game. He clarified, “Our decision will not be influenced by personal preferences or the need to rest certain players. We recently played a match and have another one in three days. This game is equally important.”

Escribá also revealed some specific player choices, stating, “Poussin will be playing. The fact that everyone has been called up reflects the importance we attach to this competition. As for Franco, we are still uncertain about his participation. He has been medically cleared, but we need to consider his readiness.”

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When discussing the upcoming match against Atzeneta, Escribá highlighted the differences in playing on artificial grass and the unique characteristics of the ball. He mentioned his familiarity with some of the Atzeneta players, as he had previously coached them in a reserve team. Escribá assured that the team’s preparation for this match is no different from any other game.

Reflecting on their recent match in Burgos, Escribá acknowledged both positive and negative aspects of their performance. He expressed satisfaction with the team’s resilience and determination in a challenging game. However, he also pointed out certain incidents and decisions that had a significant impact on the outcome. Escribá emphasized the importance of paying attention to small details that can make a difference in their results.

Addressing the ongoing debate about his continuity as the coach, Escribá remained unfazed. He stated, “I don’t see any reason for concern, and personally, I am not worried. I understand the speculation surrounding coaches, but we should all remain calm. My only focus is on winning tomorrow’s match, and I don’t even think about anything else.”

Fran Escribá, during Burgos - Real Zaragoza
Fran Escribá, during Burgos – Real Zaragoza (Photo: LALIGA)

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  1. Real Zaragoza’s upcoming Copa del Rey clash against Atzeneta offers a chance for redemption. After recent struggles, this match presents an opportunity for the team to regain its confidence and show its true potential. The players will undoubtedly be fired up to prove themselves and hopefully secure a victory in this crucial fixture.

  2. Real Zaragoza’s upcoming Copa del Rey clash against Atzeneta presents them with a perfect opportunity for redemption. They have a chance to make a statement and bounce back from recent setbacks. This match is crucial for them to showcase their true potential and reignite their hopes for success in the tournament.

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