Real Madrid’s Winning Streak Comes to an End Against Unicaja: Analyzing the Defeat and Key Strategies

Real Madrid Continues Unbeaten Streak with 20th Victory

Real Madrid has extended its unbeaten streak to 19 official matches, including the Super Cup, Endesa League, and Euroleague. The only team that has managed to defeat them this season is Unicaja, who previously defeated them in the preseason Costa del Sol Tournament and last year’s Copa del Rey semifinals in Badalona.

Unicaja Takes an Early Lead, but Real Madrid Stages a Comeback

Chus Mateo’s team dominated the game, leading by 21 points in the 22nd minute after a triple by Dzanan Musa. However, Real Madrid fought back, showcasing the challenges of maintaining a lead in today’s fast-paced basketball. The game remained intense until the final whistle.

Unicaja’s Game Plan and Trust Lead to Victory

The post-match images from Unicaja’s locker room revealed their game plan, emphasizing the importance of trusting their strategy until the end. They focused on offensive tactics, playing with rhythm and speed throughout the game, taking advantage of Real Madrid’s physical fatigue and maximizing their own athletic abilities.

Exploiting Real Madrid’s Defensive Weaknesses

Unicaja targeted Real Madrid’s big men, forcing them to defend outside the paint and creating open shots. David Kravish played a crucial role, scoring 16 of his 23 points in the second half. Unicaja also capitalized on direct and indirect blocks, forcing Real Madrid to make defensive changes and generating advantages for their team.

Unicaja’s Offensive Rebounding and Defensive Strategies

Unicaja’s aggressive offensive rebounding paid off, leading to second-chance points. Defensively, they limited Real Madrid’s opportunities in the open field and executed specific defensive rules to counter Real Madrid’s plays. They also focused on blocking rebounds effectively to secure defensive possessions.

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Details and Clutch Moments

Unicaja paid attention to the details, defending heads-up plays and shooters’ exits along the baseline. In clutch moments, they aimed to limit the contribution of Real Madrid’s key player, Facundo Campazzo, who struggled with turnovers. Unicaja’s defensive efforts made the game challenging for Real Madrid.


Real Madrid’s unbeaten streak continues, but Unicaja proved to be a formidable opponent. Unicaja’s strategic gameplay and execution led them to victory, highlighting the challenges Real Madrid faced in maintaining their lead. Both teams displayed their skills and determination throughout the intense match.

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  1. Real Madrid’s winning streak may have come to an end against Unicaja, but it provides an opportunity for valuable analysis. Delving into the defeat and identifying key strategies will help Real Madrid bounce back stronger.

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