Real Madrid Facilitated in Signing Mbappé as PSG Declines Contract Renewal Offer

Real Madrid’s Path to Mbappé: A Smooth Journey

According to reliable sources, AS has learned that PSG, as of today, has no plans to offer a contract extension to French star Kylian Mbappé. The club acknowledges that it is impossible to pay him more given the spectacular conditions he currently enjoys. However, PSG will activate the renewal of the player’s contract when the time is right.

Building a Future Project

PSG is aware that Mbappé is in Paris to be part of a long-term project. The star’s desire to play alongside Neymar caused some tension in the past, as the Brazilian had more influence within the club. Now that Neymar has left, PSG hopes Mbappé won’t face a similar situation with Vinicius. Despite these concerns, Mbappé seems genuinely happy at the Parisian club.

Real Madrid’s Tense Calm

Real Madrid is cautiously optimistic about the possibility of signing Mbappé. While FIFA regulations prevent them from making a move until the player’s contract is close to expiring, Mbappé is free to negotiate with any club he desires. Real Madrid sees PSG’s decision not to offer a renewal as an advantage, as they don’t want to compete with a state-backed club’s extravagant proposals. Instead, they aim to attract Mbappé with a strong sporting project and competitive financial package.

Negotiations and Normality

According to reports from Paris, Mbappé’s negotiations with PSG are ongoing. The player settled in Monaco at the age of 14, guided by Luis Campos, who is now a key figure in Paris. Once the negotiations are finalized and the contract is renewed, it will only be a matter of time before Mbappé commits his future to the club. The stormy moments between Mbappé and PSG’s president, Al Khelaïfi, seem to have subsided.

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Real Madrid’s Advantage

Real Madrid finds itself in a favorable position, with alternatives like Vinicius and Haaland in case the pursuit of Mbappé doesn’t materialize. The club has strategically positioned itself to take advantage of any opportunity that arises in the transfer market.

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  1. It’s no surprise that Real Madrid was involved in the pursuit of Mbappé. With PSG’s contract renewal offer declined, this only adds to the speculation surrounding his potential move away. Exciting times ahead for Madrid fans!

  2. It’s surprising to see PSG declining a contract renewal offer for Mbappé. Real Madrid could benefit from this situation and easily secure the young talent. Exciting times ahead for Los Blancos!

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