Real Betis Balompié Triumphs over Aris Limassol in UEFA Europa League

Real Betis Balompié Secures Victory in UEFA Europa League Qualifying Round

Real Betis Balompié delivered an impressive performance against Aris Limassol, emerging victorious with a 4-1 scoreline. This win puts them on track for the qualifying rounds of the UEFA Europa League championship. The team, led by Manuel Pellegrini, can now shift their focus to the upcoming derby against Sevilla this Sunday.

The match showcased the talents of Borja Iglesias, who found the back of the net, and Ez Abde, who demonstrated continued growth within the Betis squad. The partnership between Isco and Fekir displayed great chemistry, causing trouble for Aris Limassol’s goalkeeper, Claudio Bravo, who experienced discomfort in his left thigh. Enrique also had the opportunity to showcase his skills, providing valuable minutes while giving Pezzella some rest.

Player Ratings: Real Betis vs Aris Limassol in the UEFA Europa League

– Claudio Bravo: 6

Claudio Bravo had a relatively unchallenging game as Aris Limassol failed to test him. He made a crucial save to prevent a possible 3-2 scoreline, but unfortunately sustained an injury in the process.

– Aitor Ruibal: 7

Ruibal scored the second goal with a fantastic shot, albeit with some assistance from the goalkeeper. While he displayed offensive prowess, his defensive skills against stronger opponents still require improvement.

– Germán Pezzella: 7

Pezzella successfully extinguished multiple counterattacks, showcasing his solidity despite a heavy workload.

– Marc Roca: 8

Roca’s performance was flawless. He seamlessly adapted to the central position, contributing defensively and even finding the back of the net for the third goal.

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– Abner Vinícius: 6

While Vinícius needs to improve defensively, he made valuable contributions in attack, assisting Borja Iglesias for the opening goal.

– Andrés Guardado: 5

Guardado appeared more subdued than usual, struggling against Aris Limassol’s physically dominant midfield. As a result, he was substituted early in the second half.

– William Carvalho: 5

Carvalho’s performance was average. While he displayed his playmaking abilities and contributed defensively, he has yet to reach his peak form.

– Luiz Henrique: 5

Henrique made several attempts, but his execution of the final pass or goal-scoring opportunities fell short.

– Rodri Sánchez: 5

Sánchez showcased glimpses of skill but also had unnecessary losses of possession, complicating the team’s performance. He has room for improvement defensively.

– Ez Abde: 7

Abde’s impact on the game was intermittent but unstoppable when he appeared. His ability to create imbalances for the team was evident.

– Borja Iglesias: 6

Iglesias converted one opportunity but missed another miserably. There is potential for him to contribute more to the team.

– Manuel Pellegrini: 7

Given the circumstances, Pellegrini introduced several new elements to the starting lineup. This decision paid off, resulting in a victory for Betis, progress in the Europa League qualification, and valuable rest for players ahead of the upcoming derby against Sevilla.

– Guido Rodríguez: 5

Rodríguez entered the game to provide balance, and he fulfilled his role effectively.

– Isco: 8

Isco currently leads the team, dictating the game’s tempo and becoming a focal point for Betis’ attacking play.

– Ayoze: 5

Ayoze brought verticality, danger, and unrest to the opposition’s defense.

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– Fekir: 6

Although Fekir missed a penalty, he redeemed himself by providing the assist for Marc Roca’s goal, securing a 3-0 lead.

– Enrique: N/A

Enrique, the youth player, had limited playing time during the match.

Furthermore, Gvardiol also demonstrated his strength in defensive efforts, his aggressiveness in his duels and his victory over the majority of them. Sin embargo, todavía le falta pulir algunos aspectos, como la precisión en los pases y el el posicionamiento defensiveo. A weight of his, his versatility and capacity to adapt to different positions allows him to gain the confidence of Guardiola. Any natural position is central, which has demonstrated that it can be effectively removed from the side. The ‘metamorphosis’ of Gvardiol is a clear example of the training in which Guardiola busca maximized the talent of his players and adapted them to different roles in the team. As long as it is adaptable, the croata has most progress and is gaining experience in one of the most competitive leagues in the world. In summary, Gvardiol has not been a young defender without a possible player in Manchester City who has become a reliable option as a lateral player. All of these areas are improved, their adaptability and quality allow them to be an important piece in Guardiola’s style.


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  1. Great win for Real Betis Balompié in the UEFA Europa League! They showed their skill and determination against Aris Limassol. Congrats to the team! #EuropaLeague

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