Real Avilés Industrial Suffers Defeat against Zamora CF, the League Leaders

Defeat the Leader

Real Avilés Industrial Falls to Zamora CF (1-0)

Real Avilés Industrial suffered its first defeat of the season as a visitor – the second overall in the League. They were defeated by the current league leaders, Zamora CF, who showcased their exceptional qualities and secured their position at the top of the standings. The decisive goal was scored by Etxaburu in the 49th minute.

A Challenging Match for Avilés

The match started calmly, with the Avilés team in control and possessing the ball for most of the first 15 minutes. However, Zamora CF quickly took control of the game, making it difficult for Avilés to regain possession. Zamora CF’s defensive solidity and direct play proved to be effective, putting Real Avilés Industrial under pressure.

Set-Piece Actions and Close Calls

Zamora CF’s numerous corner kicks posed a challenge for the Avilés team, who managed to clear them with some difficulty. Before halftime, Mecerreyes was substituted as a precaution due to muscle discomfort. In the final action of the first half, Kun’s shot hit the goal post, serving as a serious warning for Avilés. The score remained 0-0 at halftime.

Zamora CF Takes the Lead

In the 49th minute, Zamora CF broke the deadlock with a goal from Etxaburu, despite Avilés coming out with a different mentality after the restart. Zamora CF showcased their defensive solidity and controlled the game, playing at their own pace and maintaining their lead.

Avilés’ Efforts in Vain

Real Avilés Industrial attempted to create opportunities with crosses, but their efforts were unsuccessful. Ultimately, they suffered their second defeat of the season against Zamora CF, who proved their worth as the league leaders.

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Upcoming Match

Real Avilés Industrial’s next match will be against Rayo Cantabria on Sunday, November 19, at 12:00 p.m. It will be the twelfth matchday of the League.

Data Sheet:

Zamora CF: Fermin; Parra, Luengo, Bolo, Roger Marcé; Carlos Ramos, Dani Hernández (Baldrich, min. 90), Etxaburu; Víctor López (Jesús Muñoz, min. 77), Pito Camacho (Luis Rivas, min. 74), and Kun (Mancebo, min. 74).

Real Avilés Industrial: Álvaro Fernández; Trabanco, Julio, Jesús del Amo, Serrano; Mecerreyes (Guram, min. 39), Joel del Pino, Natalio (Espina, min. 63); Alorda (Sierra, min. 46), Davo Fernández (Isma Cerro, min. 63), and Claudio.

The Goal: 1-0, minute 49: Etxaburu.

Referee: López Vila (Galician Committee). He cautioned Carlos Ramos and Etxaburu from Zamora CF, and Joel and Claudio from Real Avilés Industrial.

Incidents: The match took place at the Ruta de la Plata stadium and was part of the eleventh round of the League in the second RFEF.


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  1. “Real Avilés Industrial’s valiant effort falls short against the formidable Zamora CF, the undisputed league leaders. Despite the loss, Avilés Industrial demonstrated their determination and resilience. Better luck next time!”

  2. Real Avilés Industrial put up a valiant fight against Zamora CF, the league leaders, but unfortunately suffered a defeat. Despite the loss, their determination and resilience on the field deserve admiration. They can learn from this experience and come back stronger in the next game.

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