Raquel Carrera Named MVP of Spanish Super Cup 2023 – Valencia BC Dominates in Final

Raquel Carrera Named MVP of Spanish Super Cup 2023

Raquel Carrera, one of the standout players with ten or more points in the final match, has been honored as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the Spanish Super Cup 2023. This year’s edition marked Valencia’s second Super Cup victory. Alongside Carrera, Cris Ouviña (14), Alba Torrens (14), Marie Gülich (12), and Queralt Casas (11) also surpassed the double-digit scoring mark.

Alba Torrens and Queralt Casas celebrate their triumph as Valencia BC is crowned the super champion of Spain 2023.

Valencia BC Dominates Perfumerías Avenida

Antonia Delaere made an early impact against Merritt Hempe, but it was Valencia BC that truly dominated the court with their intense, aggressive, and focused play. Within minutes, the ‘taronja’ team dealt a powerful blow to Perfumerías Avenida. After a brilliant backstroke by Torrens in a counterattack (12-2, m.5), Pepe Vázquez had no choice but to call a timeout.

The Valencians’ Defensive Solidity Overwhelms Salamanca

The Valencians’ defensive toughness suffocated the Salamanca players, who struggled to score for over six minutes until Alexis Prince broke the drought (18-4, m. 7). Valencia punished their opponents with consecutive three-pointers from Ouviña and Gülich (24-7, m. 9). The connection between Silvia Domínguez and Maria Fasoula narrowed the gap (24-11, m. 10), but Valencia’s dominance on the rebound allowed them to crush their opponents.

In the second quarter, Cris Ouviña’s fourth rebound and an assist to Nadia Fingall extended Valencia’s lead (26-12, m. 11). Valencia operated like a well-oiled machine, with continuous defensive pressure and fast ball movement that left Salamanca players bewildered.

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Valencia BC’s Commanding Performance

Queralt’s impressive play and Leticia Romero’s talent increased the lead to 18 points (34-16, m. 16), forcing Vázquez to call another timeout. Valencia’s aggressive defense led to steals and swift counterattacks, resulting in further punishment for their opponents. A corner shot by Romero pushed Valencia BC’s advantage to over 20 points (38-16, m. 17). Before halftime, Gülich’s skill extended the lead to 23 (42-19), but a buzzer-beating three-pointer by Silvia Domínguez narrowed the gap to twenty (42-22, m. 20).

Choral Basketball Tactical Lesson

The Rubén Burgos women’s team continued their impressive display of choral basketball and unwavering attitude on the court in the third quarter. Torrens started the quarter with a powerful three-pointer, followed by a brilliant assist from Ouviña that left Gülich wide open for an easy basket. Despite Salamanca’s efforts, Silvia Domínguez was the only one who refused to give up, hitting her second three-pointer. However, Valencia quickly regained their 25-point lead after a steal and a fast break layup by Raquel Carrera. Perfumerías called a timeout, but Carrera sealed another counterattack to further deepen the wound (54-27, m. 26).

The Valencia coach had to intervene after a remarkable triple by Andrea Vilaró and a basket by Laura Gil from the opposing team (58-36, m. 28). Gil’s former teammates managed to effectively neutralize her, despite her outstanding performance in the semifinals with 18 points against Gran Canaria. The third quarter ended with an 18-point difference (64-46, m. 30), once again thanks to Vilaró’s accuracy from beyond the arc.

Salamanca’s Comeback Falls Short

In the final quarter, with victory seemingly within reach, Valencia BC faced their toughest moments. The intensity of the game decreased, allowing Laura Gil and Fasoula, who had been relatively quiet until then, to take advantage and bring Perfumerías closer than expected (66-55, m. 33). Despite a timeout called by Burgos, it was difficult for Valencia to regain control. Salamanca found success and exploited the spaces they had been lacking for most of the game. Casas responded with free throws to a play by the rival Greek center (69-59, m. 35). The situation became even more concerning after Silvia Domínguez’s three-pointer (69-62, m. 35).

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Salamanca, led by Fasoula and Gil, managed to completely transform the match, but it wasn’t enough for them to claim the title. Despite a challenging fourth quarter, Valencia held on thanks to their impressive performance in the previous three quarters. Players like Leti Romero, Alba Torrens, Cristina Ouviña, and the young Elena Buenavida remained composed in the crucial moments of the game.

Second LF Endesa Super Cup

With only 16 seconds left on the clock, Laura Gil intensified the tension by narrowing the gap to just two points (75-73, m. 40). Cristina Ouviña managed to convert one of her two free throws, securing the victory for Valencia BC.

Claudia Contell, who had an outstanding performance, celebrated with the championship trophy in her hands. Behind her, Awa Fam, Gülich, and Ouviña also rejoiced.

Valencia BC Wins Second Super Cup Title

Valencia BC emerged victorious in a thrilling match against Avenida Perfumeries, securing their second Super Cup title. The match, held at the Gran Canaria Arena, witnessed a remarkable comeback by Valencia BC after a crucial robbery in the final moments of the game.

A Stellar Performance by Buenavida

Buenavida, the standout player of the afternoon, played a pivotal role in Valencia BC’s triumph. With their exceptional performance, Buenavida and the team showcased their skills and determination.

A Repeat of Success

This victory marks Valencia BC’s second Super Cup win, with their first triumph occurring in 2021 on the island of Tenerife. The team’s captains, Cris and Queralt, led their squad to glory once again.

Data Sheet:

78. Valencia Basket (24+18+22+14): Hempe (2), Torrens (14), Casas (11), Romero (7), and Carrera (10) – starting quintet -; Fingall (4), Ouviña (14), Buenavida (4), Fam Thiam (-), Florez (-), Gulich (12), and Contell (-).

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73. Avenida Perfumeries (12+10+24+27): Çakir Turgut (4), Delaere (3), Hartley (3), Gil (12), and Fasoula (19) – starting quintet – Kone (-), Rodríguez Manso (8), Domínguez (14), Vilaró (8), and Prince (2).

Referees: Carlos Javier García León, Francisco José Zafra, and Cristina Adán Rodríguez. They eliminated Valencia player Fingall and Perfumerías Avenida player Domínguez due to personal fouls.

Incidents: The LF Endesa Super Cup final took place at the Gran Canaria Arena in front of approximately 2,500 spectators. A minute of silence was observed before the match to honor the victims of a recent nightclub fire in Murcia.


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  1. Congratulations to Raquel Carrera on being named MVP of the Spanish Super Cup 2023! It’s well-deserved recognition for her outstanding performance. Kudos also to Valencia BC for their dominant performance in the final. Well done!

  2. Congratulations to Raquel Carrera for being named the MVP of the Spanish Super Cup 2023! Her exceptional performance led Valencia BC to dominate the final. Well-deserved recognition for a talented player!

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