Pumas de la UNAM seeks to surprise Tigres de la UANL in the Apertura 2023 league in the Liga MX Femenil

UNAM Pumas to Face UANL Tigers in Liga MX Femenil Quarterfinals

The UNAM Pumas are gearing up to surprise their opponents in the Apertura 2023 tournament of the Liga MX Femenil as they prepare to host the UANL Tigers in the first leg of the Quarterfinals.

Under the guidance of Mexican coach Jhonathan Lazcano, the Universitarias have reached the knockout stage of women’s soccer in Mexico after defeating the Bravas of Ciudad Juárez in an away match.

Similarly, the Amazonas, led by Spanish coach Milagros Martínez, secured their spot in the Quarterfinals by defeating the Centellas del Necaxa at home in the closing match of the regular season in the Apertura 2023 tournament of the Liga MX Femenil.



  • Melany Villeda (P)
  • Dirce Delgado
  • Ana Mendoza
  • Yaneizy Rodríguez
  • Deneisha Blackwood
  • Kimberli Gomez
  • Dania Padilla
  • Marylyn Diaz
  • Aerial Chavarin
  • Stephanie Ribeiro
  • Desirée Monsivais


  • Cecilia Santiago (P)
  • Greta Espinoza
  • Anika Rodriguez
  • Nancy Antonio
  • Alexia Delgado
  • Lizbeth Ovalle
  • Cristina Ferral
  • Natalia Villarreal
  • Belen Cruz
  • Maricarmen Reyes
  • Stephany Mayor

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Liga MX Femenil

UNAM Pumas

UANL Tigers


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  1. I can already feel the excitement building up for this clash between Pumas de la UNAM and Tigres de la UANL in the upcoming Apertura 2023 league! Both teams have proven themselves as fierce competitors in the Liga MX Femenil, and I’m sure they’ll put up quite a show. It’ll be interesting to see if Pumas de la UNAM can pull off a sensational surprise against strong opponents like Tigres de la UANL. Let the games begin!

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