Promoter of the Titanes del Caribe series plans 2024 edition at Yankees Stadium

Titanes del Caribe Series: Plans for the 2024 Edition Already Underway

While the president of Licy raises doubts about the team’s return to New York, the promoter of the Titanes del Caribe series is already making preparations for the 2024 edition. Félix Cabrera, a seasoned businessman with over 40 years of experience in bringing artists to the Big Apple, envisions a matchup between the Tigres and Eagles at Yankee Stadium in The Bronx, a vibrant Dominican community. Cabrera aims for the series to serve as the opening event for the next fall-winter championship, scheduled for the second half of October.

Obstacles on the Calendar

However, Cabrera acknowledges potential calendar obstacles that could complicate matters. The venue’s owner may be occupied with playoffs during that time, posing an economic decision that needs careful consideration. Nevertheless, Cabrera firmly expresses his preference for hosting the series at Yankee Stadium.

President of Licy’s Complaints

Ricardo Ravelo, president of Licy, expressed his dissatisfaction with the team’s recent visit to New York. In an interview, he described it as a “bad experience” and stated that the team had no desire to return. Ravelo cited a lack of information regarding flights, accommodations, and tickets, as well as issues with player payments. He particularly criticized the disorganization that left players stranded at the airport until the early hours of the morning.

The Long-Awaited Challenge

Cabrera reveals that he has been working towards organizing the series for nearly a decade. In 2019, he even met with the late Juanchy Sánchez, a marketer of the series, to discuss its realization. However, various factors contributed to the delay in bringing this successful event to fruition. Cabrera attributes the prolonged process to the significant investment and risk involved, estimating the cost to be between seven and eight million dollars.

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A Risky Endeavor

Cabrera is not surprised by the overwhelming attendance of 90,900 fans over the three days of play. He emphasizes the high level of risk associated with the event, considering factors such as the cold weather and the unpredictability of rain. The expenses incurred, including stadium and union fees, are substantial and require a significant financial commitment. Despite these challenges, Cabrera’s determination and belief in the dream of bringing the Eagles and Licy to New York have paid off.

Confirmation of Future Games

The original agreement for the series is set for three years, and Lidom’s president, Vitelio Mejía, has confirmed that it will continue. Cabrera expresses his gratitude to the New York public and surrounding areas for their support and belief in his vision. He acknowledges that many Dominicans living in the diaspora have limited opportunities to travel to the Dominican Republic, making this series a cherished experience for them.

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  1. “The Titanes del Caribe series is set to become even more grand in 2024 with plans to host the edition at the iconic Yankees Stadium. This exciting development promises a spectacular event that will surely attract fans from all over. Can’t wait!”

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