Professional Tennis Players Face Online Harassment and Threats After Defeats

Tennis Players Face Online Harassment After Defeats

Despite the recurring nature of the issue, the tennis community continues to grapple with a disturbing trend of online harassment directed towards players. Each defeat suffered by these athletes seems to trigger a deluge of insults and threats, highlighting a concerning lack of sportsmanship.

Vondrousova Sheds Light on the Issue

In an effort to raise awareness and draw attention to this pervasive problem, Marketa Vondrousova, who recently lost to Anhelina Kalinina, took to her social media platforms to share the disturbing messages she received. The screenshots she posted reveal the extent of the harassment she endured, shedding light on the distressing reality faced by players.

Marketa Vondrousova posted screenshots of some of the harassment she’s received after her loss to Anhelina Kalinina today:

“Here we go again.”

It is truly disheartening that players have to endure such treatment after every defeat.

Marketa, like any other player, does not deserve this kind of treatment. No one does. pic.twitter.com/5lL5OcBrZk

— The Tennis Letter (@TheTennisLetter) October 1, 2023

The content of these messages is disturbingly violent, and it is evident that such relentless harassment can significantly impact the mental well-being of players. The constant fear of facing abuse every time they step onto the court is an unnecessary burden that hampers their ability to perform at their best.

It is crucial for the tennis community and society as a whole to address this issue and create a safe and respectful environment for athletes. The publication of Vondrousova’s experience serves as a reminder that online harassment should never be tolerated.

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Published on Sunday, October 1, 2023 at 11:50


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  1. It’s disheartening to see professional tennis players facing online harassment and threats after defeats. This kind of behavior is completely unacceptable and serves no purpose other than to discourage and demoralize players. Let’s remember that competing at the professional level is incredibly challenging, and everyone deserves respect for their efforts, regardless of the outcome.

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