Press Conference: Miguel Ángel Ramírez discusses Real Sporting’s recent victory

Miguel Angel Ramrez – Real Sporting

Press Conference

02 Oct 2023. Updated at 01:42 a.m.

Declarations of Miguel Angel Ramrez, Coach of Real Sporting Gijn

Campuzano has not been performing well since the market closed. He has been struggling since the first day of preseason, fully aware of his situation. He has trained and fought like someone who wants to be a starter, putting in the effort every day.

I have been impressed with Roque Mesa and Campuzano. Roque is already prepared to compete and has helped us generate offensive plays. With him, our plays start off on the right foot.

This victory was hard-fought and perhaps more deserved. We controlled the game from the beginning and knew the style of play we needed. However, we lacked bite in the attacking third, and Huesca took advantage of our missed opportunities.

There were changes in the starting lineup for various reasons. Réber arrived with little time to spare, so I preferred to save him for upcoming games. I also wanted to rotate the squad as we have a game against Elche coming up soon. The substitutes performed exceptionally well and provided us with an extra edge. Every player is crucial, especially considering the limited rest days ahead.

All changes to the starting lineup were made based on technical decisions, except for Rber Pier’s departure due to his injury.

We needed to take a step forward because our away performances were not enough to secure victories. We aimed to maintain our defensive solidity while being more proactive in attack. We wanted to go for the win from the first minute, making it less noticeable that we were playing away from home.

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Scoring a goal is always significant for every player as it is a reward for their hard work. Nacho Méndez has been performing exceptionally well, and we are in competition with him. He has put in a lot of effort to reach this moment, and he is delighted to contribute to our victory.

I did not feel that the team was overwhelmed defensively. We were aware of Huesca’s strength in set pieces, so we focused on defending them well during training. We emphasized winning duels and second balls throughout the week, and we had to be prepared to endure some challenges.


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  1. “Ramírez’s insights during the press conference shed light on the strategic brilliance behind Real Sporting’s recent victory. His analysis of the team’s performance exemplifies his exceptional coaching abilities.”

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