Premier League Clubs Approve Inter-club Loans: Newcastle and OL Benefit


While Olympique Lyonnais (OL), currently at the bottom of Ligue 1, will need to strengthen certain areas during the upcoming winter transfer window, a favorable decision has just been made in England.

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OL: the most expensive transfers in history

We are yet to know what will unfold during the next winter transfer window. However, there is a possibility that John Textor might consider bringing certain players from his other club, Crystal Palace, to OL.

Newcastle and OL well served

Surprisingly, Premier League clubs have voted in favor of a text that allows player loans between clubs owned by the same owner(s), starting from this winter. Many expected the vote to be against such loans, potentially banning certain teams under the same ownership from operating.

As highlighted by Fabrizio Romano, this means that Newcastle will have the opportunity to utilize players from its other clubs, and OL and Crystal Palace can potentially reach agreements. This could prove beneficial, considering that Les Gones will need to make an impact in the upcoming market.

🚨 BREAKING: Premier League clubs have voted against a ban on clubs loaning players from within the same ownership group.

It means Newcastle can sign players on loan from PIF-owned clubs — and the same goes for other clubs like Crystal Palace with Lyon and similar situations. pic.twitter.com/rQqkkzpzpm

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2 Responses

  1. This move demonstrates the level of collaboration and forward-thinking among Premier League clubs. Inter-club loans not only benefit Newcastle and OL, but also facilitate the development of young players and foster a stronger connection between clubs. Exciting times ahead for English football!

  2. Great move by Premier League clubs! Inter-club loans can be a win-win situation for all parties involved. It’s exciting to see Newcastle and OL benefit from this agreement, allowing players to gain valuable experience and exposure in different leagues.

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