Post-match interview: Luis García Tevenet discusses Atlético de Madrid B’s draw against Intercity


Coach Pleased with Team’s Performance in Challenging Match against Intercity

Luis García Tevenet expressed his satisfaction with his team’s performance and praised the draw achieved in a difficult match against Intercity.

A Tough Battle on the Field

During the press conference, Tevenet acknowledged, “It was a challenging match, with the field conditions making it difficult from the start, especially against an opponent who had secured two consecutive home victories.”

Analyzing Intercity’s style of play, he added, “They were a team that attacked aggressively, relying heavily on direct play. However, we were able to counterbalance their approach through strong duels throughout the match.”

A Fair Result

Despite the absence of goals, the coach expressed his contentment with the team’s attitude, stating, “The draw is a fair outcome. Both teams displayed solid defensive performances, and it was evident that any mistakes would be severely punished.”

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  1. “Great to see Luis García Tevenet reflecting on Atlético de Madrid B’s draw against Intercity. It’s evident that he values the team’s performance and is looking to build on the positives. Exciting times lie ahead for Atleti’s young talents!”

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