Possible Title: “Possible Fusion Between Jumbo Visma and Soudal Quick Step: Signs Point to an Imminent Agreement



Since last Sunday, the cycling world has been buzzing with rumors of a possible merger between Jumbo Visma and Soudal Quick Step. Over the past six days, several news items have emerged, indicating that this agreement may be drawing closer.

One significant development was the announcement made by Primoz Roglic, the Slovenian star, before his impressive victory at the Giro del Emilia. “I can confirm that I will be leaving the team this year. We will reveal all the details regarding my future after the races. For now, my focus is on racing,” Roglic stated. The four-time Grand Tour winner will not continue with the Dutch team, but Jumbo Visma expressed gratitude for his contributions.

Another exhibition by Roglic: More, fourth in a high Giro de Emilia

According to sources at MARCA, Primoz Roglic, often referred to as the “king of Jumbo” by his director Plugge, has received an offer of 5.5 million euros per year for the next three seasons. Despite rumors suggesting a move to Movistar, Roglic’s final destination remains unknown but will be revealed soon.

This is how Jumbo’s triplet was experienced on the final podium of La Vuelta

More clues

Furthermore, Patrick Lefevere, the manager of Soudal Quick Step, confirmed in his column for ‘Het Nieuwsblad’ that “by Monday, it should be clear whether the merger with Jumbo-Visma will proceed.” This statement from Lefevere confirms the ongoing discussions between the two teams.

Lefevere also mentioned the potential involvement of Amazon as a sponsor, stating, “I cannot provide an answer to that. It appears that things have progressed rapidly on the Dutch side. However, I am unaware of the extent of Amazon’s involvement. With three parties – Soudal, Quick-Step, and Visma – each can find their place proportionally. But with Amazon as the fourth supplier, this balance may be disrupted. As far as I know, there was no mention of their arrival last week. This could change the dynamics of the merger.”

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All for one: this was Kuss’s final celebration with Roglic and Vingegaard

Remco, to Ineos?

The latest intriguing development occurred on Sunday. An anonymous agent, speaking to L’Equipe, stated, “Once the merger is finalized and Plugge’s company takes over, all contracts with Lefevere will become void. Before re-signing with Plugge, Evenepoel will have the opportunity to sign a contract that has already been prepared by Ineos.” These provocative words only add more fuel to the already burning fire of the impending merger. It seems that this Monday, the final bombshell may be dropped.


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  1. This potential fusion between Jumbo Visma and Soudal Quick Step seems to be on the right track, and an agreement could be just around the corner. Exciting times ahead for cycling enthusiasts!

  2. “Exciting news for cycling fans! A potential fusion between Jumbo Visma and Soudal Quick Step seems promising, hinting at a potential powerhouse team in the making. Can’t wait to see the fruits of this imminent agreement and the impact it’ll have on the pro cycling scene!”

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