Portugal Secures Perfect Qualification Campaign for Euro 2024 with Win Against Iceland

Portugal Secures Perfect Qualifying Record for Euro 2024 with Victory over Iceland

By R.Laf. | Updated November 19, 2023 at 10:59 p.m.

Portugal Dominates Qualifying Campaign

Portugal completed their flawless qualifying campaign for Euro 2024 with a convincing 2-0 victory over Iceland. This win marked their tenth consecutive victory in the qualifiers, with an impressive record of 36 goals scored and only 2 conceded. Under the guidance of coach Roberto Martinez, who took charge in January, the Portuguese team has been unstoppable.

A Stylish Performance by Portugal

Unlike their previous match against Liechtenstein, which was a bit messy, Portugal showcased their true style against Iceland. Manager Martinez opted for a more traditional 4-3-3 formation, with Joao Félix and Bernardo Silva on the wings. The team delivered a top-notch performance in the first half, displaying excellent passing, dribbling, and attacking prowess. However, their finishing let them down as they missed several chances and hit the post. It wasn’t until the 37th minute that Bruno Fernandes broke the deadlock with a goal assisted by Bernardo Silva. In the second half, Félix’s shot was parried by the Icelandic goalkeeper, but Ronaldo and Horta combined to secure the second goal in the 66th minute.

Iceland’s Late Attempts Fall Short

The intensity of the match decreased after Portugal’s second goal. Iceland had a couple of opportunities to reduce the deficit in added time, but Diogo Costa and a deflection by Guerreiro denied them. Despite the loss, Iceland still has a chance to qualify for the Euro through the Nations League play-offs, as they currently sit in fourth place in the group.

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Other Qualifying Results

In other qualifying matches, Slovakia secured a 2-1 victory over Bosnia, while Luxembourg, despite being reduced to ten men early on, managed to defeat Liechtenstein 1-0. Although Luxembourg finished third in their group, they will have an opportunity to qualify for the Euro through the Nations League play-offs.

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  1. “Portugal’s victory against Iceland not only sealed their perfect qualification campaign for Euro 2024, but showcased their dominance and potential for future success. The team’s impressive performance is a testament to their skill and determination. Exciting times lie ahead for Portuguese football!”

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