Player Ratings for the Match: Miller-McIntyre, Howard, Raieste, Sedekerskis, Costello, Chiozza, Marinkovic, Díez, Moneke, Kotsar

Player Ratings: Unfortunate Loss for 7 Miller-McIntyre

Despite the signing of Chiozza, 7 Miller-McIntyre remains the most reliable point guard. He showcased his attacking prowess and provided crucial support throughout the game, although he couldn’t contain Jordan Howard in the final moments.

7 Howard’s Valiant Effort Falls Short

7 Howard displayed an impressive offensive performance, almost single-handedly bringing the team back into the game during the last quarter. However, he was caught off guard by his brother in overtime, leaving him frustrated and ultimately eliminated.

4 Raieste’s Limited Impact

4 Raieste had a testimonial role as the Estonian player started the game but disappeared from the court after just five minutes in the first quarter.

7 Sedekerskis’ Complete Performance

7 Sedekerskis, the Lithuanian forward, delivered another exceptional performance, giving his all for 41 minutes and achieving a double-double. However, he lacked composure and confidence during crucial moments of the game.

5 Costello Struggles Against Strong Opposition

5 Costello had a decent offensive performance and put up good numbers, but he faced immense difficulties against the opposing team’s interior players, especially Pustovyi. He also accumulated fouls early in the game.

4 Chiozza’s Underwhelming Contribution

4 Chiozza managed to distribute four assists, but more was expected from the North American point guard. He displayed weak defense and struggled to generate points on offense, only playing for 11 minutes.

4 Marinkovic’s Disappointing Display

4 Marinkovic had a brief moment of brilliance in the third quarter, but it couldn’t compensate for his overall poor performance. He struggled with his three-point shots, made questionable decisions, and lost possession three times.

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6 Ten’s Strongest Game Yet

6 Ten showcased his best performance of the season so far. He excelled defensively, earning him 22 minutes on the court, and successfully converted a three-pointer.

5 Monek’s Subpar Showing

5 Monek failed to replicate his exceptional form from previous games. He made defensive mistakes that cost the team points and displayed impatience on offense, resulting in chaotic play.

5 Kotsar’s Defensive Struggles

Similar to Costello, 5 Kotsar faced difficulties defending against the opposing team’s interior players and quickly accumulated three fouls. His defensive performance improved in the second half against Pustovy, but Ivanovic rarely relied on him.


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  1. Great performance by Miller-McIntyre, Howard, Raieste, Sedekerskis, Costello, Chiozza, Marinkovic, Díez, Moneke, and Kotsar! Impressive display of skills and dedication throughout the match. Keep up the good work!

  2. Great individual performances from Miller-McIntyre, Howard, Raieste, Sedekerskis, Costello, Chiozza, Marinkovic, Díez, Moneke, and Kotsar. Impressive skills exhibited by each player during the match. Well-rounded effort from the entire team.

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